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How To Select The Flower Bouquet That Matches Your Special Event

By Gary Webb

You have to be ready for an assault on your senses before stepping into a flower shop for a bouquet, as the sheer diversity of bouquets offered for sale will confound you to the point of indecision. But as there are meanings and human events associated with every flower, the job of picking the right flower for a specific occasion becomes simpler. If you know what meanings are conveyed by the different flowers, then you are left with a small set of flowers to choose from, and your choice becomes less complicated.

The concept of flowers reflecting states of mind has continued for many years, with the Victorians upholding it more strongly than the people of other ages. Red roses represent fidelity in love, and yellow roses symbolize love that is less physical and more like companionship. Tulips and carnations too convey messages and feelings according to their diverse colours.

Marriages are memorable occasions and most guests are expected to present bouquets to the couple. The most appropriate bouquets for weddings are those that suit the theme or season in which the wedding is taking place. If the marriage falls in spring, then a bouquet with spring flowers can be gifted to the couple, and in case of a traditional marriage a bouquet having a combination of white and red flowers can be presented.

Bright flowers that reflect happiness, like roses, daisies and chrysanthemums must be chosen for anniversaries and birthdays in keeping with the mood of merriment. Someone who has successfully concluded his or her graduation with flying colours deserves flowers that people can are associated with both gaiety and subtlety. Colourful lilies serve the purpose well, and a combination of two to three colours gives an added appeal to the arrangement.

White flowers, especially sombre ones like white carnations, are normally meant for funerals or other sorrowful occasion s. A white wreath or bouquet implies that you as a giver are wishing that the dead person's soul may find everlasting peace. However, bright flowers like tropical blooms are the best bearers of a get-well-soon message, and hence they are fit for gifting to people who are bed ridden due to illness.

Picking the right bouquet for an event might seem like a very complex job, but the professional advice of a florist can immensely help you in this regard. Any good florist in Singapore will be happy to help the buyer in selecting the correct flowers for the occasion.

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Hints On How To Have A Successful Wedding Photography

By Delila Anderson

Aside from the person who actually conducts your wedding ceremony, possibly the most important element of your wedding is the wedding photographer. This individual has the responsibility of recording your important day and endeavoring to catch every memory on film. It is very important that you see first the work of different photographers so you will be able to choose the best one whose style and vision matches what you would like to have on your wedding day.

In order for a smooth running photo session, following are some tips:

1. List all the photographs you want to have taken. State precisely what you want! Include who and what you want photographed, when it should be taken, and where the photo should be made. It is necessary to mark off the amount of coverage you prefer as well. The wedding day can be divided into four photographic sessions which are: the pre-wedding photos, the ceremony, the organized set shots or location shoot, and the reception.

2. Keep the lines of communication open! Instruct people where to go and when to be there for the photographs. Ensure that everyone knows where to go, at what time, and what they should wear.

3. Ensure that the wedding photographer comprehends all your requirements which should be agreed to in writing and signed by both parties.

4. Respect the process. Granted, this event is about you. But if you are feeling out of control, think about what the photographer must be going through trying to keep everything organized for a good photo. Bridesmaids, groomsmen, kinfolk, kids, well-wishers -- all in a bustle, conversing, laughing, and obstructing the way.

You can make the entire process smooth for all involved and ease your mind, if you follow the steps above. You can ensure that the ceremony commences according to schedule and that every person goes to the reception before the food disappears! Your wedding pictures will be great if you are considerate of you wedding photographer, since his job is to photograph the memories you are making on your wedding day.

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Wedding Event photography Tips

By Jude Smith

When you are planning your wedding you are going to want to find an event photographer. They should be motivated, have good experience and communication and most likely they will have their own style. Event photographers will only possess these qualities if they are well trained, so make sure they have experience so they can focus on what you want.

Every event photographer will have their own style. The photographers style should coincide with your idea of the type of wedding pictures you want. Otherwise a horrible experience might be the end result. Every event photographer will have a different style. Traditional and wild are two extreme styles of photographers. Photos of the bride and groom, and the wedding party are examples of a traditional style. Wild styles can be anywhere from being completely serious in all of the pictures to making funny faces.

When choosing an event photographer you will want one who is highly motivated. You do not want to have someone who is inactive and sitting around missing all the good pictures they could be capturing. Motivation isn't just about doing the job, but enjoying it and communicating are also involved.

Over time is the only way an event photographer will gain experience. In some cases you should ask questions such as where they were previously employed and for how long. Asking these questions can help you make a clear decision when choosing an event photographer. Ask their previous employer what kind of work they produced if they are now in business for themselves. Its better to find out now even if it is kind of a sneaky way of getting the information.

Being relaxed around your event photographer will make things go smother. When you are around them they should make you feel comfortable as well. Later on at the wedding, this will help them to capture the precious photos. You will see the emotion in the wedding pictures if you are nervous around your event photographer.

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Event Photography Money Making Ideas

By Peter Wong

A great way to make money with photography is to focus on events. You will be surprised about how many people want events covered and photographed.

What to do

You must be careful what events to cover if you want to make money. Only where people want to retain memories will it be worth your while.

One idea is to go to kids sports events. Get permission from the coach to click pics for the parents watching and then start clicking away. If you turn up with a wopping big telephoto lens like the ones used for pro coverage of events, you will be taken seriously. Make sure you get all the children doing great action shots and then hand out flyers to all the parents watching with your web address. If you can get hold of the parents email address so you can email them the URL of you site then upload the pics to your web site that day and email everyone. If you have a simple shopping cart set up you can make money in a few hours as people pop in to see the pics and buy them for $20 or more a pop.

You can do a similar thing with weddings. Take all the normal pictures as part of the wedding coverage but then get your URL printed on the wedding invites and all the other wedding materials and also get an email list of all the wedding guests, offer the couple a nice 20% discount for doing this and then take lots of extra pics at the wedding of the guests doing all the things they do. Upload all the pics to your site and send the emails. You will then make a lot more money than the 20% discount it cost you because then 20 or 30 people will be also buying your pics at $20 or more a shot straight from your site. Charging a higher price for high res pics is also a great money spinner.

The trick is to find a niche where you can excel by being the best photographer in the room, and offering an easy way for people to buy your photos.

Dog shows, fashion shows, horse shows, car shows, livestock competitions, rock shows, - the list goes on. Keep your eye out in the events section of your local paper to see what is happening. Always ask for permission to shoot pics and if you need to offer the people 10% of the income if feel you need to so you can get easy access.

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Flowers Can Speak For You

By Florian Jackson

Since historical times, flowers have been used as a profession of kindness. We usually gift them to those we love. We give flowers to show them how important they are, to show admiration, to celebrate occasions, or even to sympathize. What we don't know is that sending certain types of flowers, and even their colors, actually have significances of their own.

Floriography: (Language Of Flowers)

During medieval & Renaissance times, flowers were often given moral meanings. This can be widely seen in art where saints are often shown with flowers that represent or symbolize their virtues. Liana DeGirolami Cheney expressed in an edition of Sixteenth Century Journal that "some of the Christian symbols for Virginity or Chastity are the white rose, the myrtle, a vessel or vase, the lily, and the unicorn."

Back in Victorian times, flowers began to create or add emotion. The language of flowers, sometimes referred to as floriography, began being used as a discreet form of communication. In the 18th century, sending cyphered messages using flowers became popular. Based on a Turkish secret language of flowers, known as Persian Salaam, a coded flower arrangement could be sent to declare feelings of attraction or even love.

Back in 1819, a book entirely about interpretations of flowers called "Le Language des Fleurs," was written by Madame Charlotte de la Tour. Another was written in 1884, called "Language of Flowers" by Kate Greenaway, and it is still being used today.

Japan also has a language of flowers, which they call "Hanakotoba." Greeting cards made in Japan follow the Hanakotoba code, and still apply the flower-language in popular culture such as in films and cartoons, like the anime show "Wei Kreuz."

Well-Known Meanings Of Flowers

Buy or borrow a dictionary of flowers to see the different meanings and interpretations of flowers. Some of the most well-known flowers and their significances are listed below:

Buttercup - riches Pink carnations - a woman's love Chrysanthemum - love in general Forget-me-not - true love Lavender - devotion, distrust Purple lilac - first emotion of love White lily - purity Peach blossom- long-life Red rose - true love Sunflower - pure and lofty thoughts Yellow tulip - hopeless love

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Top Christmas Gifts For Children

By Katherine K. Morales

Why are so many people opting to buy their items online instead of the usual way? There are so many items available online. Discount toys online are one of the great finds that people can find in the internet. One can easily get the desired toy in discount prices by ordering online and having it delivered to one's home without any stress.

There are so many advantages in buying toys online or anything else for that matter. Buying online is now safer than ever and it has long been accepted and trusted by a lot of people because of the laws and safety measures that have developed through the years. Plus, there is no hassle of going from store to store or mall to mall just to look for the perfect item. One can simply just type the keywords such as "discount toys online" in a search engine in order to find what one needs.

Buying toys in the internet is especially advantageous for those who are planning on buying in bulk. There are many different situations when one would profit more by buying toys in bulk. If one has many kids, grand kids, and nieces/nephews then the best thing sometimes is to buy toys in bulk during Christmas. Those who organize or are part of orphanages, for those who need some giveaway prizes for parties, bulk discount toys online is the way to go.

Think of how, during Christmas there is inevitably a need for toys. Those with a lot of nephews, nieces, children, and god children will appreciate online toy shopping. Not only will it get them a significant amount of savings, it will also be hassle free.

Kids' parties are also primary occasions when buying toys online in bulk is beneficial. A party will always be fun for kids if there are games. And having prizes is what motivates a lot of them to play. Without prizes, they will not be that motivated at all.

Those who work in orphanages know just how important a toy can be for kids. Just one simple toy can brighten the day for one kid. But of course, one has to buy toys for everyone, not just for one or two kids. Buying bulk toys online once again is the answer for such a situation.

Shopping online is easy. It can also be affordable. Discount toys online are rampant because it is not costly to set up a shop in the internet compared to the traditional way of setting up shop. It is also a very easy way to do your shopping since browsing will only take you a few minutes only instead of hours going from mall to mall.

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How To Learn To Play Rock Guitar

By Jarvis D. Burris

Though the electrical guitar has came from blues music, it is rock that gave its acclaim. With rock music, the electrical guitar turned into a tremendously expressive instrument. All guitar lessons have to touch on rock also but if you need to learn how to play rock guitar, there are special modules you can take up. These modules focus just about completely on rock music.

The things you'll be taught when you learn how to play rock guitar can be approximately spread into three modules : first lessons, where you may learn the fundamentals about playing the guitar, electric guitar improver and power chords.

First Lessons

These lessons are typically for amateurs. If you have some information about playing the guitar, you can skip a number of these. This is up to your teacher to decide.

However, if you are holding a guitar for the 1st time, this is where your teacher will sometimes start. You'll be taught the fundamentals about playing a guitar generally and playing rock guitar particularly. You may learn the fundamentals about rock lead guitar and power chords. After these first lessons, you may have some concept on the best way to play classic rock guitar. If you get these right, you are on the way to really playing rock guitar.

Electric Guitar Improver

In the following lessons, you will often be taught numerous rock methodologies , for example sliding, string-bending, pull-offs, vibrato and hammer-ons. These tips will allow you to play some reasonably good rock solos. You'll also find out more about scales and chords that may help you begin to make up your own music. There could be lots of blues references inside these lessons. Going thru all of these will help you in understanding the relation between blues and rocks, which is important if you'd like to learn how to play rock guitar like an expert.

Power Chords

Power chords are two or three string distorted sounding chords used in some of the most popular rock songs of all times. You will learn to play several rock songs during the first few lessons of this module. Afterwards you will be very familiar with the fretboard and surprise yourself with the sounds you will be able to play.

If you seriously want to learn to play rock guitar, don't get frustrated or discouraged if you're not playing the way you would like to at the beginning. If you enjoy playing, the progress will come at some point. Find a guitar teacher you communicate well with, design a workable schedule to practice and, most importantly, try to have fun while you're learning.

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What Makes a Bowie Knife?

By Dylan Sabot

When James Black made his first Bowie knife for the legendary frontiersman in the early 1800s, he likely had no idea that he was creating a legend. This knife is renowned for its utility, its durability and, when self-defense is the issue, its lethality. This knife was designed to be an all-purpose tool and a deadly weapon. Since it was first designed, it has famously served both roles. This knife design went into battle with US troops from the Civil War on. It also was used widely by those heading into the unknown frontier of the nation.

A Bowie knife always has a single edge. Sometimes, the false edge at the end of the blade is sharpened, but this is not traditional. This single edge makes the knife more practical for myriad activities, including skinning, cleaning game and chopping. The powerful blade is what makes chopping possible and is another defining characteristic. In a pinch, these blades could serve as tools that could be used for many different survival needs.

Unlike most hunting knives, a Bowie knife has a wide and angled hand guard. This is also principally designed for its utility when fighting. The hand guard can deflect other weapons away from the user's hands-hands and arms are major targets in knife fights-and also prevents the user's hand from sliding up the blade if it meets heavy resistance from a thrust. As much as a Bowie is a tool of the frontier, it is also a weapon of war and its namesake owner was legendary for his skill with this particular weapon.

The Bowie knife always has a single edge. This is where it really blends a tool with a weapon. For obvious reasons, double-edges are preferred on many fighting knives. The single edge on a Bowie makes it more practical for the user and lends strength to the blade. The blade is also very thick and wide. In a camping situation, this makes it ideal for chopping and hacking.

A Bowie knife generally has a distinctive hand guard, which is swept up toward the tip on the top and down toward the hilt on the edge-side of the blade. This protects the user's hand. It is useful for fighting but also prevents the user's hand from sliding up the blade. On the base of the blade, owners will find a small cutout called a "Spanish notch". This was often used to cut sinew and cord.

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Using a Humidor

By Dave Sabot

Do you know someone who loves to smoke cigars? Maybe they make a point of buying all kinds of aromatic and exotic varieties on a somewhat regular basis, or maybe they have a favorite brand already. Regardless of this, they can probably benefit from a gift of cigar accessories.

What sorts of items can cigar enthusiasts use? Well, there is one item that all people who regularly purchase cigars and tobacco products can use - the humidor. This is a container that ensures the cigars receive the proper amount of humidity and air circulation that prevents them from going stale or drying out and becoming unusable. There are large and small humidors, and even special humidity monitors to ensure that conditions are always at optimal levels. Purchasing a nice humidor along with an additional humidity gauge is a wonderful way to help an enthusiast to enjoy their cigar experiences.

Next, cellophane may allow air and moisture to readily transfer away from or directly into the cigar, but it does impact the transfer of scents and flavors too. This means that you will be able to limit the amount of flavor mixtures that would occur inside the box were the wrappers removed. While some experts point out that you would have to be extremely knowledgeable about cigars to notice any transfers, it is still not worth the risk of ruining an expensive box of cigars due to one overpowering scent tainting them all.

Here too is another item to consider when looking for gifts or accessories for a cigar enthusiast. A good cutter is going to expose the body of the cigar to the flame of the lighter, and if the cigar remains in its wrapper the entire cutting process will be cleaner and easier. Cutters can be very basic and simple, or they can be somewhat elaborate and highly decorative too. They are among the most frequently used items by cigar smokers, and are in fact an absolute necessity.

This all adds up to a somewhat clear-cut answer, which is to opt for leaving the cigar in its original cellophane wrapper whether it remains in the box in which it was purchased or in a climate controlled environment instead.

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How You Can Attract More Customers In Your Photography Business

By Andy Acmond

If you own a photography business you are always looking for ways to get more customers. Ideally you would want all your business to come from referrals. But when you are just getting started sometimes that isn't reasonable.That would be the reason why in this article we are going to look at ways on how you can get customers in your business if you are just starting.

First thing you must do is promote your business and spread the word out.All the network of your immediate circle of people know someone who will get married in the near future.The more people you tell it to then the larger your chance landing a photography gig.This is mainly for getting a wedding gig but it can also be used to land other gigs. In my San Diego wedding photographer business that is how I was able to generate my first clients.

Another you can do is establish your presence in the internet. This will be good for all kinds of clients but it will really look good for commercial type of work.Businesses will trust you more if you are established already in the internet. That is how I am able to land good commercial jobs for my San Diego commercial photographer service.

Knowing all the big events that will be happening in your city is the last tip I can give you in bringing more customers to your business.These events would need photographers to document the happenings. By finding out when these big events are coming you give yourself a head start on your competition.

This has helped me do a lot of different events for my San Diego event photography service.If you can let people know that you are available on the said date then the better your chances of landing the job.

So those are a couple of ways for you to try to find some more customers for your services. Any photography business like most businesses need to get the word out. By doing these things you will do exactly that.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cris Cyborg Makes Short Work Of Gina Carano In Strikeforce Headliner

By Ross Everett

Gina Carano put womens MMA on the map, but Cris Cyborg Santos may have become the sports first dominant female champion by virtue of her overwhelming TKO victory in the main event of Saturdays STRIKEFORCE event. Cyborg simply was too physically strong and her punches too powerful for Carano, who fought valiantly before succumbing to a barrage of ground and pound punches at the end of the first round.

Before a near capacity crowd at San Joses HP Pavilion, Carano and Cyborg made history as the first women to headline a major US mixed martial arts event. Cyborg entered the cage first to a mostly negative reaction, stopping along the way to shadow box and throw kicks on the entrance ramp. The crowd went nuts for Carano, who was accompanied into the arena by Randy Couture who trained her for the matchup.

Despite the fight being scheduled for five rounds of five minutes each, the women set a frantic pace from the opening horn. Cyborgs size and strength advantage was apparent from the outset, as she landed an immediate flurry of punches before taking Carano to the canvas. Carano landed in top position, but quickly found herself in trouble as Cyborg worked for a kneebar and then a heel hook. Carano was able to extricate herself, and get to her feet but Cyborg took her back and immediately took her down again. Carano landed in top mount, however, and was able to score with some big punches from the top. Inexplicably, she backed off and let Cyborg get to her feet instead of pressing what may have been her best opportunity to win the fight.

Cyborg once again took her opponent to the mat and after an unsuccessful armbar attempt mounted Carano and began a brutal punching assault that eventually forced the stoppage at 4:59 of the first round.

Despite Cyborgs triumph the most dominating performance of the evening belonged to former DREAM middleweight champion Gegard Mousasi. In his first fight at 205, Mousasi destroyed STRIKEFORCE light heavyweight champion Renato Babalu Sobral via TKO at the 1:00 mark of the first round. Mousasis victory wasnt a shocking outcome, but the utter ease with which he handled a tough, experienced and well rounded opponent in Sobral was stunning and evoked comparisons to recently signed heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko. Making Mousasis triumph all the more incredible is that at 24 years of age hes only going to get better.

Earlier in a card full of decisive finishes, Gilbert Melendez became STRIKEFORCE interim lightweight champion with a third round TKO victory over the double tough Mitsuhiro Ishida. Though Melendez dominated the fight, Ishida gained the respect of fans with his toughness and heart.

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MMA Flashback: 'Babalu' Cuts Up Southworth To Take Strikeforce Title

By Ross Everett

Renato Babalu Sobral defeated Bobby Southworth by TKO to become Strikeforce light heavyweight champion at the 'Destruction' card. Despite leaving with the belt around his waist, it wont be the centerpiece of Babalu's highlight reel with the way it transpired.

A -350 wagering favorite despite his challenger status, Sobral was expected to use his world class Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills and vast experience against superior competition to dominate the tough but limited Southworth. It didnt happen that way, as Southworth easily got the better of things in the first round.

The first round displayed Southworth's style in microcosm, with much of the frame spent pushing Babalu up against the cage or on the ground inside his guard not really doing much. Sobral did get a clinch against the cage wall and rocked Southworth with a hard elbow strike that not only busted his nose but opened a huge cut over his right eye.

Upon seeing the gusher of blood Referee John McCarthy brought the ringside physician over to take a look. The doctor took some time to examine the cut, but eventually the round resumed following the consultation with only a few seconds remaining. As Southworth's corner futilely worked on the gaping wound during the break the doctor once again took a look and recommended to McCarthy that the fight be stopped. As a result, Sobral was awarded the TKO victory and the championship belt.

The other half of the co-main event was decided in much more decisive fashion as Scott Smith knocked out well traveled veteran Terry Martin in a mere :24 seconds. Unfortunately, Martin didn't adequately close the distance against a fighter dubbed 'Hands of Steel' and was caught with a perfectly placed punch that knocked him out cold.

In the semifinal event, Duane 'Bang' Ludwig defeated Yves Edwards by unanimous decision in a very closely contested bout. Edwards was originally slated to face lightweight champion Josh Thomson until a toe injury necessitated his withdrawal. Ludwig took the fight on two weeks notice, and after a takedown clinic by Edwards in the first began to control the fight with his superior standup skills. Edwards' superiority on the ground in the first two frames wasnt enough to sway the judges who obviously favored Ludwig's more effective striking.

Earlier in the evening, Kim Couture made short work of overmatched Lina Kvokov as she TKOd her foe in 1:44 of the first round. Couture, the wife of UFC legend Randy Couture, gained even more notoriety for the courage she displayed in her professional debut last June. After having her jaw broken early in the first round, she refused to throw in the towel and went the distance despite a horrific injury. She had a much easier time here"despite the fact that both fighters entered with 0-1 records Couture was significantly more polished as she put Kvokov on the defensive from the outset with her sharp punching combinations. Kvokov kept displaying the rookie mistake of trying to turn away from Couture's blows which prompted commentator Bas Rutten to question if she wanted to continue the fight. She recovered momentarily and survived the initial onslaught. The reprieve was only temporary, however, as Couture launched another barrage of punches prompting the referee to step in and wave off the non-competitive affair.

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New Orleans Stays Unbeaten With Win Over Miami

By Ross Everett

With an offense that can strike as quickly as the New Orleans Saints', they're never out of a game. The Miami Dolphins found that out the hard way on Sunday as the Saints came roaring back from a 21 point deficit to win going away 46-34. Drew Brees threw for 298 yards and a touchdowns, though gave up three interceptions. Miami dropped to 2-4 on the year.

Adding insult to injury for NFL betting enthusiasts who backed Miami as +6 home underdogs, the Saints continued their rampage against the pointspread with a late game interception return for a touchdown to cover. New Orleans is 6-0 against the number this season, while Miami dropped to 2-4 against the spread. The 80 combined points sailed OVER the posted total of 47'.

After the game, Brees said that his team never lost confidence:

"There was no doubt on our sideline we would come back and win. They had given us their best shot, and we had played about as bad as we could play. All we had to do was string together a few drives and gain the momentum back. We knew it was going to happen, and it did."

Following a rushing touchdown that gave his team their first lead of the game in the fourth quarter, Brees dunked the football over the goal post crossbar:

"There are times in the game when a team just needs an emotional lift. I felt like I had to do something to get everybody hyped. The first thing that came to mind was to dunk it."

Saints' linebacker Scott Shanle suggested that the game could portent good things to come:

"It can be a season-defining win. This was a test we hadn't faced yet, and we couldn't be happier with the way we responded."

A dejected Ricky Williams explained how his team had lost:

"This was our game to win. We fought and we fought. They just fought harder at the end."

Dolphins' QB Vonte Davis said the defense was aware that with Brees in the game even a 21 point lead was tenuous at best:

"With Drew Brees, it's like the score is 0-0. We knew they would come back and that it would be a tough game."

The Saints will now host the Atlanta Falcons next Monday night. New Orleans is a -9 home favorite with the total set at 53'. They'll then face two struggling teams, taking on the Carolina Panthers at home the following Sunday and playing against the Rams at St. Louis on November 15. The Dolphins will play on the road against the New York Jets this Sunday, with Miami a +3' road underdog and the total set at 40'.

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Washington Offense In A State Of Flux

By Ross Everett

The Washington Redskins are a mess right now. Head coach Jim Zorn has a tenuous hold on his job at best and has recently been stripped of his offensive play calling duties. Management installed newly hired 'offensive consultant' Sherman Lewis as the new offensive play caller and the team has set up an awkward arrangement for him to get the plays to the quarterbacks. For that reason, starting QB Jason Campbell has some serious misgivings about the efficacy of the setup.

Lewis has only been out of retirement and with the team for two weeks, and has spent this week trying to ingest a crash course on the Redskins' offensive schemes. While he was learning on the job, head coach Zorn was trying to put the best spin possible on the situation':

"I need to have composure. I need to understand what the reality of the situation is, and I think our players expect me to rise up. We expect them to play under adverse conditions. We expect them to risk it all. ... I'm conscious of what's going on. I'm not naive about what's going on, and yet I have to just hold back on any feelings and make the decisions."

Quarterback Campbell is more concerned about the convoluted system of getting plays from Lewis to him:

"There'll probably be a couple of plays I have in my head just in case if some reason it doesn't get in on time."

Here's how things are supposed to work-Lewis will sit in the coaches' box above the field and read the plays off a sheet. While Lewis has years of experience working in the so called 'West Coast Offense', Zorn left doubt that he really knows what he's doing at this point stressing that Lewis "doesn't know the protections" and "doesn't know the blitz schemes." Nevertheless, he'll be running the offense when the Redskins take on Philadelphia this Monday night.

Once Lewis figures out what to call, that's when it really gets tricky. He'll relay the plays via headset not to Zorn but to offensive coordinator Sherman Smith. Smith will then inform the quarterback what to run. Zorn is left in the role of a passive bystander on offense, though he will listen in to the playcalling on his headset.

Backup quarterback Todd Collins also shared his concern with the new arrangement:

"It is unsettling. I've never gone through this before. I've never had a play caller get changed in the middle of the season."

Lewis didn't exactly evoke a lot of confidence upon his hiring, where he revealed that he'd been calling bingo games at a seniors' center to kill time since his retirement in 2004. Still, Collins gave him a guarded vote of confidence;

"I know he's been studying last year's game against the Eagles and seems to have a pretty good idea how he wants to call the game this week. It's the same plays. He might coach them a little differently or highlight some different areas, but the offense hasn't gone under an overhaul or anything like that."

The Redskins haven't scored more than 17 points in a game this season, so maybe the thinking is that things can't get any worse.

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NFL Preseason Handicapping Basics

By Ross Everett

Betting preseason NFL games never fails to elicit an irreconcilable difference of opinion among sports betting enthusiasts. Some consider it a very poor wagering opportunity, while others maintain that there's no better moneymaking opportunity in sports than pro football's preseason. The truth is probably somewhere between the two extremes--NFL preseason betting must be approached with caution and discipline, but offers the potential to make a tidy profit before the regular season kicks off.

First, let's examine the case against preseason NFL wagering. Clearly the biggest argument against it is the simple fact that the games don't count. Though spots will exist during regular season games when the motivation and preparation of individual teams may vary, in theory both teams want to win. That's not always the case in preseason football, since different coaches have different goals. Some might want to just evaluate their personnel, others might want to establish a winning attitude, and all coaches want to keep their stars from getting injured. Factor in all of the variables and conflicting agendas, the preseason naysayer would argue, and there are just too many unknowns to consider taking a financial position on.

The proponent of preseason wagering would argue that this is the very reason that good opportunities frequently arise during preseason. First, additional value is frequently found with the underdog in preseason games by their very nature. To explain, in a hypothetical matchup between a Superbowl champion and an also-ran the "better" team by regular season standards would invariably be favored. However, by virtue of their success the "better" teams have not only more 'marquee names' to protect, but also valued guys in the trenches who could cause big problems if injured. Frequently, they'll have more depth and thus fewer personnel evaluation decisions to deal with. They'll have no need to "create a winning attitude", nor will they usually have wholesale changes in team composition, offensive or defensive strategy, or coaching philosophies to deal with. In short, the "better" teams often go into preseason situations with little to accomplish other than to get the games over with and stay healthy.

On the other hand, consider the 'lesser' team in a preseason matchup. They often have a number of key starting positions they need to fill, along with backup positions up for grabs. They may have new coaching staffs that players want to impress, new offensive or defensive schemes to implement. Most significantly, 'lesser' teams often view the preseason as an opportunity to build team chemistry or create a winning attitude. A team trying to rebuild can benefit from winning *any* games, regardless of whether or not they count in the standings. For a league doormat, a win over an elite level opponent can serve as a rare highlight of a losing season.

Even teams that put a low priority on preseason games don't want to lose them all. For this reason, a longterm winning situation has been to bet on teams that lose their first two preseason games outright. Over the past twenty years, 0-2 teams in this spot have produced a winning percentage right around 60%.

Perhaps nothing determines a team's approach to the preseason more than the philosophy of the head coach. Some coaches simply hate to lose anytime they line 'em up to play football, and as a result their teams are usually good preseason bets. Bill Parcells was famous for the preseason focus of his teams. Not surprisingly, many who worked with Parcells earlier in their careers are now carving out their own records of preseason success. This sort of dominance isn't lost on the linesmaker and a coach like the Giants' Tom Coughlin (a former Parcells assistant) will have his ATS success will definitely been factored into the pointspread. Still, a motivated team that wants to win is always worthy of consideration.

The smart preseason handicapper makes use of the Internet, and more specifically uses it to follow the local sports media of NFL teams. During NFL preseasons, teams' beat writers are anxious to write stories and need to fill articles but have little in the way of "real" news to write about. As a result, a handicapper can frequently find valuable details like a coach's goals for the game, playing time for key players, and specific strategies that will be implemented. Occasionally, coaches will come out and say that they're more interested in evaluating certain players for certain positions than they are in the outcome of the game. A thorough evaluation of this type of media coverage can often produce not only teams to play "on", but teams with priorities other than winning to play "against".

In conclusion, there are certainly strong opportunities for profit in NFL preseason wagering but its essential to understand that it cannot be approached in the same manner as the regular season. And, as always, its important to remember that there will be more strong opportunities down the road and that discipline and rigor in handicapping is just as crucial in the preseason NFL as it is at any other time of the year.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Guitar Instructions: Learn to play acoustic guitar online

By Tommy Beltrani

Many beginner guitar players end up wasting a lot of their time messing around on their instrument and never really learning anything. This is a common trap beginners fall into and can be easily prevented if they would get good quality guitar instructions. Nowadays there are two very useful ways to learn to play acoustic guitar, you could decide to go to a guitar teacher, which I recommend when possible, or you could learn with online guitar lessons.

They are systems that work and you must just decide what is best for you.

With all the content available online is no surprise that many choose to learn to play acoustic guitar from the comfort of their home.

First choice would be to go for lessons with a good teacher because he can give you personalized advice, something a machine cannot give you. If you learn online you need to be a little more informed and use your judgment, instead of that of your tutor, to find the right training for you between the thousands of products available. One of the biggest traps when learning online is free tutorials. Many go from a free video to another without really learning anything and actually wasting their time. In the hope of funding good cheap advice you'll end up learning a lot of nothing. No one give prime tutorials for nothing. All the free stuff online is there to draw traffic and to let to you test their tutorials before you buy. Believe me no one gives away good content for nothing. If you want good valuable guitar tutorials you'll have to get your credit card out but the good news is that a good course is way cheaper than actual classes.

The nice thing about leaning online is that you can watch the tutorials as many times as you need to. If you forget something or need to watch how it's done one million times before you get it right, no problem, your lesson is a click away.

With online you can have your lessons whenever and wherever you want to. This is also quite nice about online guitar lessons! Most of us are working parents or just have a tight schedule and very often it's impossible to go for classes at a decent time. Many of you don't even try to take guitar lessons for this reason. If that is you, online guitar lessons can just be the easiest way to learn to play.

Last but not least you can get the best teachers in the world. Not all tutors are the same and you don't want just anybody that can play a couple of songs to be your mentor. There are incredible players on the planet with great experience and to have their advice a click away it's actually mind blowing.

In conclusion my advice is to always try to fit in classes with a good tutor in your town, but if that is difficult for what ever reasons, online can be your best alternative.

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Know More About Portrait Photography

By Jerry Miller

A photo that shows a person or small group's facial expression while they are in a still position is known as a portrait, or portraiture. The personality, moods & likeness of the person or persons emerge out. Aside from the face, portrait photography can also include the whole body and the background of the subject. When shooting a portrait photograph the person or group is usually looking straight at the camera.

Portrait photography, unlike other styles makes use of unskilled models. Graduations, special events and weddings are types of occasions where portrait photography is used, and later displayed in private homes. Many are done on studio with several settings to choose from.

History of Portrait Photography

People have been using portrait photography ever since the invention of the camera. Having your portrait painted was expensive and not as available. Natural light was used from an open window & people would sit against the background. With technology evolving photographers have the ability to take pictures with less exposure time allowing them more freedom to move around & create new styles of portrait photography.


A professional photographer has complete control over the lighting when taking portrait photographs in a studio. They can change the intensity & the direction. Kicker lights, fill lights, background lights and the main lights are a few of the different lighting terms.

The most important light source is obviously known as the main light. The main light is generally positioned above or below the subject & at a 45-degree angle.The main light can create shadows so the fill light helps to eliminate them. The light that brightens up the hair of the subject is the kicker light. This will help to add depth and to show the separation from the subject & the background. A Background light brightens the background & can add effects to the backdrops.

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A Guide To Becoming An Event Photographer

By Rhea Chin

Event photography is a rewarding occupation, both creatively as well as financially. The work requires covering important events by clicking impressive photographs. You must be directed by your creative impulse to project the event in the right spirit and in its true splendour. In the scheme of things, a good event photographer builds memories through photographs that will be remembered for years to come.

A lot of people think that event photographers just reach the venue of an event and shoot photographs without any preparation. Though, this thinking might be suitable for event photographers who are new to the profession, it does not stand true for a seasoned photographer, whose experience makes him precious. The first thing that a professional event photographer must know before covering an event is what the essence of the event is going to be like. It is vital to carefully present the spirit and the core meaning of the event. For instance, the nature of photography for a marriage ceremony is different from that of a corporate meet or a sports event.

As an event photographer, you also should have fair knowledge of your camera, along with knowledge about the latest digital processing methods. For example, the most important part of the camera, its lens, must be altered as per the nature of the event and its venue arrangements. The camera and other photography instruments have to be set up particularly keeping in mind whether the event is within four walls or out in the open, and the time when it is going to take place.

Lighting at the venue where the event is going to take place is also quite important. The camera aperture and ISO adjustments must be in accordance with the light available at the venue. Information about light availability also helps in deciding if there is a need for an extra flash light or not. Attentiveness also plays a critical role in assisting you to click all the important shots with excellent perfection and deftness.

To know about the subtle details of event photography, many online references, books and even expert courses can be effectively used. It is advisable that you assimilate the technical as well as other important aspects of event photography prior to committing to assignments because one successful assignment guarantees the inflow of future assignments.

Lastly, dedication to your job and the zeal to excel are very important to achieve success in this occupation. Showing flexibility, attentiveness and the preparedness to adjust to any kind of situation will take you ahead as an event photographer.

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Model Railway Trains In High Demand

By David Blackburn

I do not know quite when it began. I was just a little boy when I first laid eyes upon it. My childhood with model railway trains was so very exciting. I was able to escape to so many different places right there in my grandpa's home. My grandpa loved his models and so did I. He taught me everything he knew and we both learned a few things along the way.

My brother was born on a very hot summer day. We could not get to the hospital in time so a midwife delivered him at home. It was not a big deal. I was six and excited that I was going to get a little baby to tend to. He was the "ice cream scoop" of my eye and I did not let anyone hurt him. mum said I was too protective and would spoil him. She was right.

My grandfather would spend his free time working with his model trains. He was so committed to keeping an ambiance of nostalgia that he worked for hours. Grandma used to lightly scold him for "playing" with his toys so much. But, grandma understood that this hobby was something grandpa loved and she did nothing to pull him from it.

Any way you look at it, my family is in love with trains. Well, since they could not take the big ones home, they had to settle for the smaller ones. You would be amazed at the building my family uses to protect their little train additions. It is enormous!

My parents and I live on the farm my grandparents received from their family. There is an old barn which was renovated about ten years ago. My family took measures to make sure their love would not be harmed. There are so many tracks and tiny little houses, trees, churches, and other items to hold your attention. It has taken us years to amass the size our little railway town is now!

Then one day, Michael decided to steal a steak from Mr. Bradford's store. I thought someone was going to come for him and lock him up. Michael laughed and said, "at least we will have some meat to eat." I could not find the courage to cook it. When mum got home she was angry. "We do not steal anything from anyone and you will take it back and apologize!"

Michael did as mum said. She went with him. Mr. Bradford had a simple train set in the back of the store where the older gentlemen sat. After the apologies, Mr. Bradford asked mum if he could show my brother something. When my brother saw that little train set, his eyes glowed with tears.

There is nothing unusual in model railroading. I think this is a good way for families to get involved with each other. You use your hands to create something that is soothing to all the people who see it. Some of my nieces and nephew squeal with joy whenever they watch the trains roll down the tracks. It is safe, small and they can not get hurt. What better way to entertain the kids?

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Singapore Actual Day Photography

By Robert Wong

The two most important people on a wedding day are, certainly the wedding couple. To get some excellent portraits, the photographer should seclude the wedding couple from the celebration for a while to capture the intimate moments after the ceremony. This helps the couple to get away from the delight of their wedding as well.

Ideally, the photographer would be required to spend a casual amount of quality time with the bride and the groom during the portrait session. On the wedding day it doesn't always happen because it is rare to have time on the actual day of the wedding. The time taken for pictures can well vary from an hour to no time at all. It can take up to an hour for the photographer to take the pictures.

When is the best time to take aside the bride and groom for some quality time with the photographer?

Since the couple will still look fresh, most photographers believe that the window before the reception is suitable for the portraits.

Sometimes the bride and groom would want to start the portrait shoot even before the ceremony says Bradley Hanson, award winning photographer. When the bride is getting ready is when he usually starts photographing.

Other photo journalists believe that the right time for a portrait session is just after the couple has exchanged their vows, and are still are evidently feeling the emotions of being newly-wed.

For the perfect actual day session to begin, the newly-weds should set aside some time to spend with the photographer. Finding a polite way to lose the relatives and guests is sometimes hard but is worth the beautiful moments they will cherish for a lifetime.

A good portrait session on the actual day can be ruined by too many people trying to photograph the newly-weds. As a result of this, most photographers choose to have the couple alone for the shoot so that it is not disturbed by anyone.

Most newly-weds start feeling uncomfortable before the camera when the portrait shoot is going to take place, says Shawna Herring, award winning photographer. Professional photographers try to talk to the camera-shy couple about things other than the portrait session so that they forget the camera is even there.

Sometimes people will choose to go to a different location the day before the wedding to have the photo shoot done. This really helps loosen up the bride and groom since it helps build a comfortable relationship with the photographer. Shortly after, couples sometimes forget the camera is even there.

It is at times impossible to achieve the perfect alone time with the photographer due to a variety of reasons. The bride and the groom should work together with the photographer to find some alone time so that a really creative portrait session is achieved.

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

MMA Flashback: Shinya Aoki Tops JZ Calvan

By Ross Everett

After a controversial no contest in their first matchup, there was no doubt as to the winner of the DREAM 2 rematch between Shina Aoki and JZ Calvan. Aoki controlled the fight from the opening bell and used a wide repertoire of submission attempts to keep his opponent off balance and on the defensive.

Aoki scored early with a takedown and controlled Calvan on the ground, working a heel lock attempt before taking his opponents back and attempting a rear naked choke. He was never able to complete the hold, but maintained a bodylock on JZC for the rest of the round. In the second, Aoki put on a submission clinic and demonstrated his ungodly flexibility as he spun from an armbar to a triangle choke and back again. Calvan was able to counter or escape, but looked completely out of sync as he generated almost no offense whatsoever over the 15 minutes.

Aoki was very emotional in his postfight speech to the crowd, while JZC just looked disgusted with himself for losing such a one sided contest.

With the victory Aoki advances to the semifinals of the lightweight GP tournament. Thats the plan at least, as Aoki made some statements in the Japanese press leading up to the fight that win or lose there would be no way hed be ready for the next round with only half the preparation time as the rest of the field. Hopefully the impressive victory and the enthusiastic response from the holiday week Tokyo crowd will change his mind as hes now the man to beat even with the short prep time.

The rest of the card was devoted to the opening round of the middleweight GP tournament. Taiei Kin defeated Minowa-man Ikuhisa Minowa in a very closely contested and entertaining fight. Minowa was clearly tired in the 2nd, and that likely sealed the deal for Kin.

Korean judoka Yoon Dong-Sik also advanced with a unanimous decision victory over Shungo Oyama. Most of the damage in this fight came from Yoons ground and pound from full mount, and he controlled the tempo from the outset. Two one sided contests followed, with Zeleg Galesic submitting Magomed Sultanakhmadov via arm bar in a minute and a half of the first round. That was followed by the MMA debut of former Pac 10 wrestling standout Ian Murphy, who had a worst case scenario draw against BJJ specialist Ronaldo Jacare.

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NFL Preseason Handicapping Basics

By Ross Everett

Among the sports betting public there's a lot of conflicting opinions about betting NFL preseason games. That's not really surprising, since there doesn't seem to be much middle ground on the subject. Overly cautious handicappers would argue that preseason football is a poor wagering opportunity. Some of the more obnoxious tout services would have you believe that short of a fixed game there is no greater "lock" that preseason football. Like most things that produce such polarized opinions, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle of the two extremes. Preseason NFL football is a unique proposition for the sports gambler, but when approached with caution, discipline and knowledge it can yield some profit.

The opponent of preseason wagering would suggest that its a bad wagering opportunity by its very nature alone--simply stated, the games don't count meaning that the motivation and focus of individual teams is always in question. It's hard enough to identify teams that are in a desirable 'spot' during the regular season, the often conflicting agendas of personnel evaluation, playbook testing, and injury prevention found in the preseason makes it impossible. All told, this uncertainty makes it very undesirable to get financially involved with preseason NFL games.

The proponent of preseason wagering would argue that this is the very reason that good opportunities frequently arise during preseason. First, additional value is frequently found with the underdog in preseason games by their very nature. To explain, in a hypothetical matchup between a Superbowl champion and an also-ran the "better" team by regular season standards would invariably be favored. However, by virtue of their success the "better" teams have not only more 'marquee names' to protect, but also valued guys in the trenches who could cause big problems if injured. Frequently, they'll have more depth and thus fewer personnel evaluation decisions to deal with. They'll have no need to "create a winning attitude", nor will they usually have wholesale changes in team composition, offensive or defensive strategy, or coaching philosophies to deal with. In short, the "better" teams often go into preseason situations with little to accomplish other than to get the games over with and stay healthy.

Now, lets look at the other side of the equation. A "lesser" team by regular season standards might have a number of starting spots or key backup spots up for grabs. They may have new coaches to impress, or new offensive or defensive coordinators whose schemes they'll have to implement. Certainly, winning any games"whether or not they count in the standings"are of utmost importance to losing teams trying to turn things around. Finally, a bad team can gain a lot more psychologically from beating a playoff team than the playoff team can from beating a doormat. A struggling team that is destined to lose a lot during the regular season won't have a lot of bright spots, so a preseason win against one of the league's elite can mean a lot more.

Even teams that put a low priority on preseason games don't want to lose them all. For this reason, a longterm winning situation has been to bet on teams that lose their first two preseason games outright. Over the past twenty years, 0-2 teams in this spot have produced a winning percentage right around 60%.

The philosophy of a NFL head coach is arguably the single most important factor contributing to preseason success. Some coaches always want to win, even if the games don't count in the standings. Other coaches place a much greater importance on evaluating personnel and giving backups playing time they won't have the opportunity to get during the regular season. The coaches that have a strong desire to win in the preseason often result in their team's pointspreads being inflated somewhat, but a motivated team is always worth consideration for a wager.

The smart preseason handicapper makes use of the Internet, and more specifically uses it to follow the local sports media of NFL teams. During NFL preseasons, teams' beat writers are anxious to write stories and need to fill articles but have little in the way of "real" news to write about. As a result, a handicapper can frequently find valuable details like a coach's goals for the game, playing time for key players, and specific strategies that will be implemented. Occasionally, coaches will come out and say that they're more interested in evaluating certain players for certain positions than they are in the outcome of the game. A thorough evaluation of this type of media coverage can often produce not only teams to play "on", but teams with priorities other than winning to play "against".

In conclusion, there are certainly strong opportunities for profit in NFL preseason wagering but its essential to understand that it cannot be approached in the same manner as the regular season. And, as always, its important to remember that there will be more strong opportunities down the road and that discipline and rigor in handicapping is just as crucial in the preseason NFL as it is at any other time of the year.

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Cleveland Manages To Beat Buffalo Despite Offensive Struggles

By Ross Everett

In a matchup between two of the worst offenses in the NFL, someone had to win. Despite producing only 9 first downs and'3 yards of total offense, the Cleveland Browns got a late game field goal from Billy Cundiff to defeat the Buffalo Bills 6-3 and win their first game of the season. The Bills had the more productive afternoon statistically, with- first downs and 288 yards of offense but were undone by three costly turnovers. Both teams are now 1-4 on the 2009 NFL season.

To successfully bet on the NFL, one needs to find opportunities to play underdogs"this is particularly true in games where neither team is expected to put many points on the board. Such was the case here, as Cleveland easily covered the pointspread as +6 road underdogs. Both teams are now 2-3 against the number on the season. The Browns have now won and covered the last three head to head matchups between the teams. The 9 points scored came nowhere near the total of 41 for an easy UNDER. The Browns have now gone UNDER in 3 of their 5 games this season, while Buffalo has OVER on three of their five posted NFL totals.

It was a game without many highlights. The Browns got on the board first with a 24 yard Cundiff field goal in the second quarter, and took that 3-0 lead into the locker room at halftime. Buffalo would tie the score in third on a Rian Lindell 36 yard field goal. That would set the stage for Cundiff to nail the game winner from' yards out with: 23 left to play. Despite todays victory, Cleveland is averaging a woeful 11 points per game this season.

The real loser in Sundays contest may have been Buffalo head coach Dick Jauron. Many were surprised that he was retained after the Bills third straight 7-9 season last year and things have gone from bad to worse so far in the 2009 NFL season. Buffalo has lost to winless teams in back to back weeks, part of a three game losing streak. Overall, the Bills have wound up losers in 12 of their last 15 games. Not that Cleveland has done much better--the win today ended a 10 game losing streak, one short of the all time franchise record.

Cleveland will have a tough road assignment next Sunday, heading to Pittsburgh to face the World Champion Steelers. Theyll return home for a game against the Green Bay Packers on October 25th before playing the Chicago Bears in The Windy City the following week. Buffalo will play the next two on the road, heading to the Meadowlands next Sunday for a game against the New York Jets followed by a trip to Charlotte, NC to take on the Carolina Panthers.

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Buffalo Beats Struggling Carolina

By Ross Everett

Carolina Panthers' quarterback Jake Delhomme is having a season he'd like to forget, and things got even worse on Sunday at home against the Buffalo Bills. Despite dominating the Bills on the stat sheet, Delhomme threw three interceptions that allowed Buffalo to take a 20-9 victory over the struggling Panthers. Delhomme threw for 325 yards, though without any touchdowns. His three picks pushed his total for the year to- which leads the NFL.

Buffalo rewarded NFL pointspread players with the outright victory as +7 road underdogs. The Bills have covered four of their seven games this season, while the Panthers have an awful record against the spread-they've only covered once this season for a 1-5 ATS mark. The 29 combined points went UNDER the posted total of 37.

The Bills' Terrell Owens was again a non-factor, but gave credit to the defense for earning the victory:

"You can't really complain about a win. Defensively, those guys are keeping us in ballgames."

Buffalo defensive end Chris Kelsay commended his team's performance on the road:

"Never once on the sidelines was there any doubt that we were going to win the game. Regardless if it's an ugly win over not, it's hard to win in this league."

Ryan Fitzpatrick started at QB for Buffalo in place of the injured Trent Edwards and was solid, if not spectacular. Coach Dick Jauron observed:

"He made the plays when we had to make them."

Panthers' coach John Fox has said he's going to're-evaluate' whether the struggling Delhomme should continue to start, and even the quarterback himself couldn't make an emphatic case that he should keep his job:

"In my heart, yeah, but I mean let's be honest, I don't think I'm a dummy. When you're not playing well offensively, you always have to look at the quarterback."

The Panthers' schedule doesn't get easier this week as they head west for a game against the improving Arizona Cardinals. Carolina is a +9 road underdog with the total set at 43'. They'll head south the following week to face the red hot New Orleans Saints. Buffalo will host the Houston Texans this weekend, with the game currently off the board due to injuries on both teams.

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MMA Pioneer Helio Gracie Remembered

By Ross Everett

Helio Gracie--patriarch of the legendary Gracie MMA family--died earlier this year in Rio De Janeiro at age 95. His influence on martial arts, and even more so the sport that is known known as mixed martial arts, is staggering. The Gracie family name will forever be synonymous with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA and the UFC due to the accomplishments of Helio Gracie and his progeny.

Helio Gracie began training in judo early in life, and by the age of 16 had already begun to teach others in his native Brazil. He was bothered by judo's reliance on 'brute strength', however, and along with his brother Carlos began to adapt many of its forms to a new fighting system more reliant on leverage than strength. This prompted the creation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), frequently called Gracie Jiu Jitsu in his honor.

Gracie also had a professional fighting career of his own, taking on champions from other fighting disciplines in an early version of modern MMA. These bouts were arduous, unregulated affairs with arbitrary rules and no time limits. By his own recollection, Gracie fought 15 times against the top opponents of his time. He began his career in'32 by submitting professional boxer Antonio Portugal in just 32 seconds. Later that year, he fought American catch wrestler Frank Ebert to a draw after the ringside doctor ordered the bout stopped after an ungodly fourteen ten minute rounds.

His most famous battle was against Japanese judo legend Masahiko Kimura, resulting in a rare loss for Gracie. Despite the setback, he fought bravely and may have actually enhanced his legend after refusing to submit to a reverse arm bar (the same move that now bears Kimuras name). Only after his arm was broken did his brother Carlos throw in the towel.

Helio Gracie's impact on fight sports and mixed martial arts would continue through his offspring. Married twice, he had seven sons (Rickson, Royler, Rolker, Royce, Relson, Robin and Rorion) and two daughters (Rerika and Ricci), many of whom went on to make their own mark on the fight sport world. Royce Gracie is well known as the first UFC superstar, while sons Rickson Royler, Renzo have also achieved considerable fame in professional MMA.

The cause of Gracies death was officially given as natural causes. His last words will go down as a fitting envoi to a man who gave so much of himself to fighting:

"I created a flag from the sports dignity. I oversee the name of my family with affection and nerves of blood.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

How To Erase Photos From Your PC Easily

By Trevor Johnson

The step by step directions will make photo removal effort was on allowing you to do it on your own in the future. The process is very straightforward, and you will not have any trouble removing any photos.

You do need to know where the photos want to delete are. Most commonly, if you use the windows operating system, these are in a folder called "my documents". To find this folder, click on the green start the bottom left of the screen and then click on the documents. This will open up a new menu in which my document is an option. Once you have my documents open, the photos you want to remove should be visible.

Ones you have my documents of open, click once on the photo that you want to delete. It will change into a different color, known in computer lingo as highlighting. From there you'll want to right click and select delete from the menu that pops up at this point. It removes a photo from that folder and places into the recycle bin.

To permanently remove these photos from your hard drive at this point, close out of the my documents folder with the red X in the right corner. This should take you back to the desktop, this rain you see when you first turn on your computer. Here, right click on the trash can then choose to empty the recycle bin. This will permanently erase them from your computer.

This guide can also be used to remove photos from e-mail and IMs where you have downloaded pictures, USB memory sticks and other forms of removable media that attaches to your computer. Removing unwanted photos can help keep your hard drive clutter furry and help give you more hard disk space.

The directions in this how to you raise photos guide will help you do basic me nuts on your computer. You can do this at any time and you'll learn to do this like a pro.

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Some Good Tips For Those New Photographers

By Jason Kelly

Photographs are some of the nicest ways for people to capture moments in time. That is the major reason why it is really a such a big hobby all throughout the world. You can't really go anywhere without noticing someone with a camera and taking pictures.

Now it is absolutely a different story by just being able to take a nice photograph. Sure there are many advanced cameras that make taking pictures easier. But the truly creative shots requires skill and practice. So in this article we are going to disclose some of the significant tips that you can surely follow if you are just starting a career in photography.

First of all, if you want to take beautiful photos, you really have to realize that all it takes is imagination and thought. Surely great equipment helps but definitely it won't help if you do not actually know what you are doing. So the secret to a great shot is to know why you are taking a photo. You want to know exactly what message you are trying to convey or just what you are trying to really accomplish. Doing a wedding photographer service has allowed me to see how important this point is.

The next thing you really need to do as a humble beginner is really to get focused when taking shots. What you want to do is to make sure what you are taking a picture of is the center of attention. It just that it should be clear that it is the subject but doesn't really mean it is the center of the photo. This is one of the keys to my success as a photographer.

Finally you have to be fast and detail oriented when capturing photos. If you are not fast enough you can miss it since moments in time don't definitely last forever. You have to practice being able to see what you want and taking it. You will surely miss a lot of great shots of actions when you are slow. This is very important in doing work in my portrait photographer business.

So hopefully these tips will help you in becoming a better photographer. As long as you continue to have regular practice, surely you can't go wrong.

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UK Microsoft SQL Computer Training In Detail

By Jason Kendall

What kind of things do you expect the most superior training companies certified by Microsoft to give a student in this country currently? Obviously, the very best Gold Partner Microsoft certified training tracks, presenting a selection of courses to lead you towards various areas of industry.

It's a good idea to talk through what you're looking to do with a training advisor - and if you're uncertain, then get some ideas on what sort of job would work for you, dependent on your abilities and personality.

Training courses should be put together to meet your needs. So, having worked out the right IT job for you, your next focus is the most applicable training course to see you into your career.

Ensure all your qualifications are commercially valid and current - don't even consider courses that only give in-house certificates.

Only properly recognised qualifications from the likes of Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco and CompTIA will mean anything to employers.

We're often asked why academic qualifications are less in demand than the more commercial certificates?

Accreditation-based training (in industry terminology) is most often much more specialised. Industry is aware that such specialised knowledge is essential to handle an increasingly more technical workplace. CISCO, Adobe, Microsoft and CompTIA are the key players in this arena.

Higher education courses, as a example, can often get caught up in vast amounts of background study - with a syllabus that's far too wide. This holds a student back from getting enough specific knowledge about the core essentials.

It's rather like the advert: 'It does what it says on the label'. Employers simply need to know what they need doing, and then match up the appropriate exam numbers as a requirement. That way they can be sure they're interviewing applicants who can do the job.

Ask any expert advisor and they'll regale you with many awful tales of salespeople ripping-off unsuspecting students. Ensure you only ever work with someone that quizzes you to uncover the best thing for you - not for their retirement-fund! It's very important to locate the right starting point of study for you.

Don't forget, if you've got any previous certification, then it's not unreasonable to expect to begin at a different level to someone who is new to the field.

Opening with a user skills course first will sometimes be the most effective way to commence your IT program, depending on your skill level at the moment.

We'd hazard a guess that you're a practical sort of person - a 'hands-on' personality type. Typically, the unfortunate chore of reading reference guides would be considered as a last resort, but you'd hate it. Check out video-based multimedia instruction if learning from books is not your thing.

Where we can utilise all of our senses into our learning, our results will often be quite spectacular.

Learning is now available on CD and DVD discs, where everything is taught on your PC. Using video-streaming, you are able to see your instructors showing you how to perform the required skill, followed by your chance to practice - with interactive lab sessions.

It makes sense to see some of the typical study materials provided before you sign the purchase order. The minimum you should expect would be instructor-led video demonstrations and audio-visual elements backed up by interactive lab's.

Avoid training that is purely online. Physical CD or DVD ROM materials are preferable where obtainable, so that you have access at all times - ISP quality varies, so you don't want to be totally reliant on a good broadband connection all the time.

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Good Things You Can Do When Camping Using An RV

By Larry Forest

There is one thing that a lot of people enjoy doing, and that is taking vacations. One type of vacation is really popular. Camping is the type of vacation we are talking about. This type of vacation to so many people is very appealing.

One way that is one of the best when camping is to use an RV. Well this article we would like to look at the many benefits of using an RV to go camping.

The first big benefit of using an RV to go camping is you get to have all the amenities that you are used to. The comforts of running water and toilets make this choice very appealing to many people. Of course there are a few people who really like to rough it when camping. But that isn't the type of person that makes up most of my clientele of my San Diego RV rentals business.

The benefit that should be mentioned next when camping in an RV is you have the ability to bring all types of food. Usually when you are camping the types of food you can bring with you are limited. Well if you choose to camp and use an RV you are freeing yourself from the limitations that normally come with bringing food to camp. That is the biggest requested item for people who rent an RV from my Campland on the Bay RV rentals service.

The final benefit is you give yourself the freedom to go to a lot of campsites on one trip. The first thing that has to be done when you go camping is you need to set up camp. Well if you decide you want to go elsewhere there will be a lot of work to break down and move camp. Well when you are camping in an RV, should you decide to go to another campground, you can do so easily by just packing up and driving. This is what a lot of people who rent from my RV rentals company.

As you can see very clearly the choice to go camping with an RV has many reasons. The biggest reason that covers them all is comfort and ease of use.

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Xbox 360 Repair: 5 Key Tips in Finding a Valuable Service

By Eric Frey

If your Xbox 360 has been acting up lately, chances are that you are doing everything you can to try and get it patched up and working again as soon as possible. After all, Master Chief can't destroy Halo without his trusty controller wielding friend. To help you get your Xbox back in working order, you'll need to find a safe and reliable Xbox 360 repair service. Here are five key tips to think about.

1. Credibility: The first thing to consider when searching for a legitimate Xbox 360 repair service is credibility. You should feel assured that whatever service you choose is going to bring your system back to you in prime condition. One option is to look online to see what locations you have nearby in your area. Or, you can ask around and see what credible shops people may advise going to. A recommended course of action is to scour different gaming forums or chat rooms to see what other Xbox 360 users recommend. More than likely you are not the only one encountering your problem, and there are many who would be more than willing to help out.

2. Service longevity: Try to research a business that has been around the block for a while. Relying on newer businesses can be a risky situation, as you do not know whether they are safe for your console, or that they even have enough knowledge to be repairing systems. The longevity of the business is directly proportional to their credibility as a repair service; they must be doing something right to have stayed in business so long.

3. Affordability: One of the major reasons for people avoiding sending their precious consoles to Microsoft in a neat little box is the simple factor of cost. If you were to send your Xbox into Microsoft, you can easily expect to pay around $150 even for the most straight-forward of problems. If you don't have a warranty, prepare for battle stations. Take the time to look around and see what alternative companies and services offer in regards to price.

4. Efficiency: Waiting a lifetime in order to receive your console back to you repaired is not an ideal thing. In the time that they take to repair it, you may as well have tried to repair it yourself (which most of us aren't capable of doing). Finding a company that will return your system promptly is vital. There's only so long before that urge to play Bioshock becomes destructive to your health. Don't be afraid to ask different services how long it will take to fix your system.

5. Customer relations: A helpful customer service can make a frustrating situation much more manageable. Dealing with an impersonal company that is continents away is not the way to go. You want to deal with a company that will take care of you, be reachable at most hours of the day, as well as give you tangible help with your questions. Legitimate services will be more than willing to cater to all of your questions and needs.

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