Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pittsburgh Tops Cleveland For 12th Consecutive Time

By Ross Everett

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been playing the Cleveland Browns for longer than any other team in the National Football League, dating back to 1950. And while it hasn't been quite that long since the Cleveland Browns won a game against the Steelers it may be starting to feel like it. On Sunday, Pittsburgh won for the twelfth straight time dating back to 2003 as they topped Cleveland by a final score of 27-13.

The good news for NFL betting enthusiasts who took the +13' with the Browns as a road underdog is that they managed to cover the pointspread by the slimmest of possible margins. Betting against the defending Superbowl champion is a long standing handicapping concept, and this season at least its worked like a charm-the Steelers have only covered one of their first six games. Cleveland, meanwhile, evened their NFL pointspread record at 3-3 on the season. The Browns have covered three straight after dropping their first three both straight up and against the spread.

Pittsburgh dominated the game in virtually every statistical category. They amassed 28 first downs to 12 for Cleveland, held a 543 to 197 total yardage advantage and a 36:46 to 23:14 time of possession advantage. Both teams turned the ball over four times, and the Steelers led only 17-14 in the third quarter. Most of the post game talk from both sides was about a controversial spot in the first half where the Steelers were given a first down on a short yardage play when it appeared that they didn't make the required yardage.

After the contest, Derek Anderson spoke of the frustration of continually coming up short against the Steelers. The Browns have only one once in ten games since Pittsburgh moved into their new home at Heinz Field:

"We're not trying to lose every time we go out here. We put tons of hours in and ... it's frustrating. Every single week, it's frustrating."

Steelers' tight end Heath Miller said the team is happy to be where they are at this point despite not playing up to their standards:

"I think we haven't played our best ball yet and that's pretty comforting. We've gotten a few wins here without playing our best."

The Steelers will host Brett Favre and the 6-0 Minnesota Vikings next Sunday. The Steelers are a -4 home favorite with the total set at 45. After a bye week, the Steelers will hit the road to play another undefeated team as they take on the Denver Broncos on Monday, November 9. Cleveland will host the Green Bay Packers this Sunday, with the Browns a +7 home underdog and the total set at 42'.

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Card Counting on Black Jack 21- Check Out The Best Possible System to Improve Your Odds

By Anthony McCoy

You need to guarantee that you win more of your bets than you lose? There are too many approaches to gambling and only a small handful of them will show any results. Only try new systems on practice tables before you attempt to make any money with casino strategy online gambling.

The first and most common mistake is relying on personal luck and hoping for the best. Even thought you may believe that you know everything about casino games or even a sport you have chosen and the teams that you have picked, you most likely don't have a proven system to success, and you will lose in this situation.

You need a gambling system that provides a statistical approach to allow you to win more than you lose, equaling a profit. What's the point of risk without reward?

Gambling should be looked at like a business, meaning you need to go where the money is and have system to profit from it.

Whatever niche you choose to gamble, by following three simple guidelines can assure profitability in your quest for success. The result of over 30 years' gambling experience.

Lets just call these the Golden Rules. Follow them and you may probably be a winner more often, stay a winner more often, and enjoy gambling for many years to come with no downsides or regrets.

Only Gamble money that you can afford to lose. If you need the money, don't gamble.

Only Gamble about half of what you are willing to actually risk. This way, if you don't win, you will give yourself a second chance, another day. Learn to walk away.

NEVER NEVER NEVER be greedy; if you lose what you have just won, you are probably greedy, besides even though you can't go wrong with the right system, making too much money everyday will raise red flags and possibly get you blacklisted and you will lose an income for life.

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Romo Shines As Cowboys Top Falcons

By Ross Everett

Dallas Cowboys' quarterback Tony Romo has been plagued by inconsistency over the past two seasons, but on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons he was in top form. Romo threw for 311 yards and 3 touchdowns with no interceptions as Dallas ripped the visiting Falcons by a final score of 37-21. Backup receiver Miles Austin had another solid game in place of injured starter Roy Williams, with 171 yards receiving and two touchdown grabs.

NFL betting enthusiasts who backed Dallas as -5' home favorite were rewarded with a pointspread victory. The Cowboys evened their mark against the NFL pointspread at 3-3, while Atlanta slipped to 4-2 against the number. The 58 points scored went OVER the posted total of 48.

In his postgame comments to the media, Romo gave props to the undrafted Austin for making the best of his opportunity:

"He's definitely a big part of this offense. I'm glad to see all his hard work and effort is paying off."

Dallas owner Jerry Jones commended Romo on his big game:

"I think that you've got a wiser and you've got a more experienced Tony Romo than of old, and I think you see he's still got some of that instinctive thing that he can make plays and make winning plays."

The Cowboys' defense pestered the Falcons' Matt Ryan into two interceptions, and 34 year old Keith Brooking was a big part of that. Based on his comments after the game, there may be some 'sour grapes' after he was cut loose by the Falcons after 11 seasons in an Atlanta uniform:

"The last thing I was told by one of the coaches is this is a young man's game. I guess an old man can still play in this league."

Patrick Crayton returned a punt for a touchdown and caught a Romo pass for another. Cowboys' coach Wade Phillips had this praise for him:

"Crayton is the kind of guy you want on your football team. He's going to make plays when he has opportunities."

Losing quarterback Matt Ryan had little to say about the defeat:

"It's frustrating because we feel we can play better."

Atlanta has a difficult road challenge ahead as they travel south to face the red hot New Orleans Saints next Monday night. The Falcons have been installed as +10 road underdogs with the total set at 54. Dallas will host the Seattle Seahawks this weekend, with the Cowboys a -9' home favorite and the total set at 45. They'll play on the road the following two Sundays against the Philadelphia Eagles and Green Bay Packers.

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Successfully Lighting Your Cigar with A Cigar Lighter

By Dave Sabot

Most of those new to the art of smoking cigars find that they need a bit of instruction when it comes to using a cigar lighter to get their smoke going. While lighting that cigar is certainly necessary, it requires more than just a flame. You'll need patience, as well as the right tools and some vital information. Knowhow is one of the most important factors in this equation, though torch lighters are also important considerations. If you are using a torch lighter and a quality cigar cutter, your process will be much simpler than otherwise.

When using a cutter, you need to move about 1/8th of an inch from the end of the cigar. This will place the cutter on the shoulder of the cigar's cap. This applies to guillotine cutters mostly. If you are using a punch, or a pair of scissors, the process differs. Once you have cut the cap, you can begin lighting your cigar. This will require that you hold the cigar end over the flame of your lighter, rather than placing the flame on the cigar, directly.

Most smokers refer to this process as toasting and you are basically just warming the end of the cigar that will be lit. Hold the lit lighter in front of and slightly below the end of the cigar. Allow the tobacco to warm up and you can get the rest of the process underway.

Do not use any type of lighter other than a butane-fueled device, as other types of fuel can give your cigar a chemical taste or odor. To light your cigar, hold it in your mouth, tilted at about 45 degrees. Hold the lighter in front of it, but do not touch the flame to the tobacco. Inhale through the cigar and the flame will bend to touch the tobacco. Turn the cigar in your mouth while holding the flame. This will ensure that the cigar lights evenly.

Once you have ensured that the entire foot of the cigar is burning evenly, you can sit back and enjoy it. Of course, you might find that your cigar burns unevenly, in which case, you can simply hold the lighter directly in front of the slow burning area and warm it. This will help it light and catch up with the rest of the cigar, ensuring a smooth, enjoyable smoking experience.

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Making Your Own Candles Provides A Nice Personal Aspect To Gifts

By Caroline Henderson

No matter how old you are, you can enjoy making your own candles. The process is simple and easy, all you need is some basic equipment that is found in most kitchens. The wonderful aspect about making your own candles is that they can be personalized for each individual. They can be created in various sizes and shapes and can have different scents and colors.

Candles can be made from a number of different types of wax. The candles that we usually see are made from a paraffin gel, but other common forms include beeswax candles and soy candles. Many people now prefer these kinds as they are better for the environment and also burn slower and produce less deposits of melted wax.

If you plan to make your own candles then you are going to need some specific equipment. You will require a container or vessel to melt the wax in. One of the best such containers is a double boiler. This looks like a large pot with a smaller one inside. The large pot contains water which can be boiled, and the smaller inner pot contains the wax.

Other equipment that is needed include a spoon, ladle, and a thermometer. It is also useful to have a measuring cup so that you can have an exact idea of the amount of wax that you produce. It is up to you which type of wax you choose to use. If you have a craft shop in your locality you can buy the raw material from there, otherwise you will have to purchase it through the internet.

Of course a candle cannot burn without a wick. Most are made from braided cotton.

Some people choose to add fragrances and colors to their homemade candles. You need to make sure that these are to be used with candles as other forms can easily catch fire or even explode.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

How to Buy a Hunting Scope

By Alberto Kessnerr

If you want to buy a hunting scope, be sure to do your homework so you know about what prices to expect and what kind of scope you'll get for the price. This will save you a lot of frustration. There are many name brands of hunting scopes on the market, and many of them could be called cheap. The old adage, "you get what you pay for" could definitely apply here. If you skimp too much on the price, you could end up with a scope that isn't the quality you were hoping for.

Every year we see new achievements that have been made or modified in the field of rifle scopes. The more powerful the lens means that you will be able to see further. So a rifle scope with a power of 9 x 42 is less powerful than 10 x 50. Do not misunderstand me; the 9 x 42 scope is a great scope, however the 10 x 50 will have more features to it. For instance, the 9 x 42 has a 3-9 x magnification, with a 42 mm optical lens, the 10 x 50 scope has a 3.5-10x magnification and a 50 mm objective lens.

Beware of the searches that lead you to websites that offer discount rifle scopes, although they may be very good scopes in their own inexpensive way they are not as good as some of the name brands that you can find else where on the internet. Only you can determine how much money you have to spend, and only you know what you are looking for in a nice rifle scope for hunting.

Before You Buy a Hunting Scope, it would be a great advantage to you if you checked with some of your hunting friends to find out where they obtained their scopes and ask them for any advice that they can give you.

The type of hunting you do could influence what type of rifle scope you would need, however, if you want a scope that will be good for all types of hunting, it would be much better to purchase a good scope the first time. If you are a night time hunter, and you want a rifle scope that will be good for that, you will need a scope that has night vision equipped with it.

Find out if the scope you are considering is weather proof. If it isn't, does it have an attachment you can add that will protect it during bad weather? Having the right attachment can come in very handy when you get caught out in the woods during bad weather. If it is suggested by the manufacturer that such an attachment is a good idea to include with your scope, follow the advice. These attachments help protect your equipment.

When you decide to buy a hunting scope, be sure to study all your choices. Ask friends, research articles and websites and do all you can to figure out which hunting scope will be the right choice. Hunting scope technology changes quickly, so be sure to choose a high quality scope that will make the most of your investment and will last you for several years of good hunting.

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Choosing The Right Dance Class

By Peggy Ryersen

Learning dance is a great exercise and a fun hobby, but you need to choose the right dance class in order to get the most from your dance lessons. There are many considerations that you need to make when choosing a dance class. You not only need to choose the right style of dance, but also make sure that the class gives you a high quality of instruction so that you can really master the dance.

First and foremost you have to find dance lessons in your area that teach the style of dance you want to learn and if you haven't yet decided upon a style, then you have to look into the different options available. It is even worth sitting in on some classes to see what goes on. This is helpful since you get to see the dancing itself and the instruction style. This will help you in the end to choose a class.

You can't look into different classes without considering how long the class lasts. If a dance class is too short then it will be impossible for you to learn the dance techniques and improve them. Lessons are ideally an hour long and depending upon what style of dance you choose, the class should last several weeks or even up to several months. Always choose a class that can be fit into your schedule so that you won't miss any.

You should also consider the level of the classes. Classes usually have different skill levels from beginner to advanced. You need to ensure that the class you choose suits your skill level. If you have never danced before then you need to start in a beginner class where you will focus on basic technique. You can then progress through the different class levels until you have mastered your chosen dance style.

You should learn about the instructor. You want an instructor that is skilled. You want someone who is a good teacher. Not everyone who is a good dancer has the ability to teach what they know to others. This is where sitting in on a class can be helpful. You can see how the instructor teaches and see if their style of instruction works for you.

Once you have chosen an instructor and you have narrowed down your options to a class that seems to suit you, make sure you find out how many other people will be in the class. You should try to get into a small class. The fewer students in the class the better. The instructor will be able to give more individual focus when there are fewer students in a class.

Once you actually begin your classes, make sure that you do not miss any. You should attend every class or you could miss important instruction. Dance classes usually use a building style of teaching where each class builds upon the previous. If you miss a class you will miss out and have to catch up, which could put you behind everyone else and cause you trouble in progressing throughout the remainder of your lessons.

Most important is to just have fun at dance class and take to heart all the advice and criticism given to you by the instructor. It is meant to help you become a better dancer of your chosen style and even when out of class keep practicing.

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Tips For Making Candles Your Customers Will Love

By Patrick McTigue

Even a complete beginner can learn how to make beautiful creations that can be sold from home, online or at novelty shops. There are some critical things that will pave the way for your success in a candle making business.

Obviously, you will need wax and wicks. You'll also need dyes and fragrances. It is important when you purchase these to ensure that the wax, dye, and fragrance oil work together. Further, when you think about how to make candle art, especially the kind that you can sell, you will have to think of unique ways to mold the candles. Basically, anything that has an interior space has the potential of being a candle mold, so this is the time to be creative. Perhaps you have several old wine glasses that are collecting dust in a cabinet. They may be perfect for a yellow or burgundy candle with a warm scent. The first rule of how to make candle creations that you can sell is that there are no rules! People have used everything from car parts to cookie cutters to make candles.

You will need some additional tools to make your candles. You will need a good thermometer and heat source. You will also be setting up a double boiler, so you need a pot to boil water in and another pot to melt your wax in. You will also need a recipe for the all critical wax/ fragrance/dye ratio. If you do not have a good recipe, you can waste a lot of time and money making ugly brown candles that stink. You do not want to do that, so find a good recipe online or at a crafts store. I strongly recommend that you stick with the recipe exactly when starting out. You can experiment later when you have some experience.

Once you have a good recipe and mold selected, you are well on your way. You are now following a process that is similar to baking a cake. You just add your ingredients in the right amount and the right order. You need to make sure you measure out your wax to the gram, and use only the right amount of fragrance and dye. This will keep your costs down, and will help you avoid making a big mess of your craft area.

You will find as you make a few batches of candles, you will learn there are tricks of the trade. You will find how to get your fragrance and dye into the wax without making a huge mess. You may want to get a small syringe (without needle) to add these ingredients. You will find what works for you. You will also learn to use the tools you have available in your home. Over time you will develop a process that works for you.

The last thing to mention is the criticality of keeping the thermometer and heating the wax in a container separate from the heat source. The best temperature for a wax melt is 170 to 220 degrees. It is very important that you keep the wax temperatures stable, as the wax will burn or break down. Never apply the heat directly to the wax, as this will also cause it to become unstable. This can ruin your entire batch of ingredients faster than any other candle making mistake. Learning how to make candle art that you can sell can be very rewarding. With a little creativity and following an established recipe and process, you will be able to market your candles very quickly.

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Getting Refinancing and Your Home Improvement Loan

By Henry L. Pikus

Refinancing packages are often referred to as a "refi" and getting one depends on the type of refi package you are seeking, if you are experienced or have done this before and ultimately based on your credit history. Idea credit brings A-loan package deals and less than perfect credit can increase your interest rates but still guarantee your loan with B-and C-loan package deals. Shopping for the right refi and taking advantage of a low interest rate during market times can be a complicated process. Here are a few simple thoughts about how to refinance and get the funding you are searching for.

What are your options with refinancing? For example, you may want to get a home loan through refinancing for home improvements or for cash. In that case, it looks intimidating, but it's not as hard as it looks. You can take a second mortgage on your house or you can take out a home equity loan when you refinance so that you can fix your house up.

If you're looking to do some home improvement, before you start, take a look around and see what you want to do. Is what you're going to do going to make your home more valuable? How much is the remodel going to cost you -- or the addition, or the energy efficiency improvement, and so on? Once you figure out what you want, find reputable contractors in your area and get quotes from them. You could also be looking at having to repair your home because it's experienced some damage and your insurance company is going to foot the bill for it, such as if your roof has been damaged, and you want to be doing some home improvement while it's being fixed. That's a pretty big job to take on, so make sure everything is in order.

A home improvement loan is like borrowing money for a time from your house to fix it up so that in time it might be worth more in the long run and then you make your money back and the investment is worth more to you and to the bank as collateral for your mortgage. This type of loan can be looked at from a business perspective or a personal one either way the job gets done and your house is improved. The work should be done on the home so that the value increases, this is the key. If the value does not increase than the loan was not worth it, and the improvements did not "improve" your house. Lenders often look at this in terms of market trends and economic conditions before a home improvement loan is authorized. One thing to keep in mind though is that if the loan is taken out and then the work is not done and the money not used for the purpose it was intended, than the possibility of refinancing in the future is less of an option.

First look at this question: is a home improvement loan and there are refinancing solutions for that. If you are fixing up your home, a home equity line of credit may be available also from a lender. You do not always need to get a refi package for just your home needs, perhaps it is a personal loan which can be used for a variety of valid purposes, whether to aid in going back to school, whether it is that you need to pay off hospital bills or are getting married or so on, personal loans are also available at the bank and through various lenders and are options to consider.

When you're looking to refinance, state what you want to do clearly, whether it be for home improvement loans or something else. Be completely clear and up front with your lenders so that they can tell you what your options are based upon the right information. You can talk to a loan officer or representative to find the right solution for you and make sure you've done the proper homework before you start so that the interest rate you find is the lowest possible; you may even want to compare interest rate quotes with other lenders to see if the lender you want will match an offer from another lender. Oftentimes, this will get you a very good deal, since lenders will compete with each other to get your business.

Home improvement loans are an option in a refinancing package, they give you the option to take money out on your home's value or equity in order to make repairs and improvements, or to large scale things such as additions and remodel jobs to your home that may increase its value long term. But you need to consider the investment and make sure your home improvements increase home value, during a recession the deflation of home values and inflation of interest rates can sometimes throw this off or if you live in an location that is not growing as fast as it was a few years ago, home improvement loans do not always get approved for the fact that the home may not be worth more after doing the work and a home improvement loan should only be done if the remodel projects that you are going to conduct end up increasing the value of the home.

What does all this mean? You need to find the solution that best fits your needs and then refinance so that you can start your home improvements. To do this, talk to a lender (or several), find yourself a reputable contractor, and also seek advice from friends and family and how they have gotten home improvement loans if this is appropriate. Once you've done your homework, you may be on your way to refinancing so that you can make the improvements to your home you want and need.

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Snooker Tables

By Matthew Kerridge

Are you considering purchasing a snooker table? If you enjoy snooker, then owning your own table is certainly an attractive option. Snooker tables developed from the old English billiard tables.

Choosing a good snooker table means considering things like table size and quality of manufacture. If you like a more challenging game, you will probably want a table with the smallest pocket requiring greater shooting accuracy. You will also to have chosen a table that matches the size of the room that you will be using to play snooker.

You will need enough space for players to make shots without walls getting in the way, and you might also want to leave room for spectators. Generally you should have at least three feet of space all around the table. If you are purchasing a professional snooker table, then it is recommended that you have at least six feet of space all around the table.

Cue size is another important consideration since you will need more room for longer cues. Professional snooker players use a 57-inch cue, but you might want to choose something smaller depending on your room size. The regular cues sizes are 36-in., 48-in., and 57-in.

Balls will roll slower and are less responsive on snooker tables with thicker covers, but these covers are more durable. The bed or playing surface, of snooker tables is generally made of slate, the material used for tournament play. However, there are cheaper tables made of alternative bed materials.

Price, of course, is always an important factor when making any purchase. The most basic tables are designed mainly for children who are interested in learning the game and will be quite economical. Economy tables are often adequate for snooker enthusiasts who want a practice and playing table at home. The more expensive options to include professional snooker tables are large and are made of superior materials than the cheaper alternatives.

A professional table will be made with fine woods like oak and with regulation thick slate beds. The cloth covering will be made of fine materials that allow balls to roll less erratically providing more accurate shots. A regulation table will have a slate bed that is about one-inch thick and will have a covering made of materials like wool or baize. The cushions will be made of rubber. The rails that border the table should be made of wood to provide greater accuracy when a ball bounces off it.

If you only have limited space available, there are options like snooker tables that can be easily converted into dinner tables, and foldaway tables that can be stored after use.

Choosing the right snooker table involves planning where you will place the table, the space requirements, and the quality of playing experience that you are looking for.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Avoiding Vehicle Accidents With Proper Motorbike Safety

By Chris Channing

There is no better feeling that driving down the road in a brand new sports bike. It's a huge adrenaline rush, but don't let it get the better of you. If you were to wreck the sports bike, you would be facing a legal settlement if you were at fault, and also health bills. Staying safe and being defensive is key when driving your next bike.

All motor vehicles must be equipped to ride safely at night. Motorbikes are no exception, but you will find that even seasoned experts won't take their bikes out during the evening. This is because visibility decreases dramatically, and in all but the most lit up of areas, it could be too late before another driver sees a motorbike and causes an accident.

You can avoid serious injury by wearing the right clothing. Without a material like nylon protecting you, you could easily develop a rash and develop an infection of the skin during a collision with the road. You are also required to wear a helmet by law, and it's a good idea to wear padding and plastic protective wear in addition to it. Simple safety gear like this can save your life and protect against injury.

Always follow all speed limits in effect. If you are found to have disobeyed a speed limit by a marginal amount, you could be put at fault and might face a legal settlement as a result. A legal settlement in which you are the defendant could put you liable for all health costs and legal fees of the plaintiff. Essentially, you could be put thousands of dollars into debt from negligence.

Warm climates are perfectly fine for riding your sports bike. But when it starts to get cold out, and ice starts to form, it's time to garage the bike and keep it there until Spring comes. If you live in a climate that doesn't have cold winters, consider yourself lucky. Anywhere else, it can be so dangerous that all of the sensible sports bike owners will not even take out their sports bike for a quick ride during Winter.

There are areas where there is more respect and awareness for sports bike owners. If you are an enthusiast, you may wish to relocate to such an area. After all, staying in a neighborhood where there is little awareness for motorbikes could be very dangerous to your health and might be an accident waiting to happen. From driving too close to not looking for bike owners, other vehicles can be extremely dangerous.

Closing Comments

Have the number of an attorney on hand just in case you do come to be in an accident. An attorney will help you with legal proceedings and fight your side of the story when you get in a wreck. Defending your name or pressing the other party for money is well worth the fees.

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A Personalized Postcard Mailing Service

By Mitzi H. Hewitt

Have you ever wished that you could turn your favorite and most cherished photographs into postcards, well now you can! Today sending letters and postcards has fallen out of fashion with many people. It reminds us of a bygone age before the advent of email and text messaging. This means it feels even more special when we do receive a postcard from a loved one or a contact. But there is still a problem, the selection of postcards that are available are not exactly modern and do not contain the type of images that we like to see. A large proportion of available postcards have pictures that were taken more than ten years ago, sometimes even longer. Now, postcard mailing can be done by using the latest technology.

Today the ownership and use of digital cameras is widespread throughout the world. If you do not own such a camera then it is likely that your mobile phone has one that has been automatically built into it. Digital images, once downloaded to your computer, can be used in the design of custom made postcards that can then be mailed through the regular postal service to any address around the globe.

By sending such a card it can show that you have put a lot of thought into the feelings of the person who is to receive it. The image may be a snap of your family, friends, or even a beautiful scene that you want to show to others. It is now possible to share your favorite pictures in this long lasting manner.

Another use for custom made postcards is for marketing purposes. If you want to promote a certain business or product then why not consider sending out custom made cards. They certainly draw attention to the service or product that you offer and help to get an edge on competitors. It also has the added bonus of not being able to be deleted as a mass marketing email often is.

If you have an announcement to make, or a special appointment to inform about such as an engagement party, then they are a good way to get the message across. They cannot be missed or deleted like emails or text messages.

Custom made postcards are both durable and professionally created. They are made to be long lasting and visually pleasing. As you can choose the photograph for the postcard yourself, you can edit and crop the image so that you can be sure that it is exactly as you have intended.

It is also possible to add a unique custom message that is personalized specifically for the person who is to receive it. There are a wide selection of fonts and colors to choose from. You can really go to the extra mile to impress and greet with a custom designed postcard. It is a message that will be remembered for a long time.

The highest quality paper is used in the production of the cards. The ink will also be top of the range. This combined gives a glossy appearance that also protects against rain and sun.

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Green Bay Trounces Detroit

By Ross Everett

The Green Bay Packers didn't do a good job protecting their quarterback last Sunday, but against the lowly Detroit Lions it didn't really matter. Packers' QB Aaron Rodgers was sacked five times, but Green Bay used a big first half offensive outburst to coast to a 26-0 NFL victory over the Detroit Lions. Rodgers threw two first half touchdown passes which was complimented by four Mason Crosby field goals as Green Bay improved to 3-2 on the season. The Lions slumped to 1-5 with the loss.

NFL football betting enthusiasts who backed the Packers as -14 home dogs easily cashed their tickets with Green Bay's third pointspread cover in five games. Detroit slipped to 2-4 against the spread. The 26 points scored went UNDER the posted total of 48'.

In the victory, Packers' receiver Donald Driver passed Sterling Sharpe for first place on the franchise reception list. Sharpe finished his career with 596 receptions, Driver now has 602. After the game, he talked about the accomplishment:

"It couldn't it come in a better place -- at home in front of the fans I've played in front of for so many years. It feels good. Now I just have to wait on Sterling to call me and congratulate me."

Despite the convincing victory, cornerback Tramon Williams wasn't happy with the relatively narrow margin:

"It feels like a 50 to zero game, but we didn't quite get there. I felt we should've put more points on the board."

For the Lions, their quarterback woes continued. Matthew Stafford is already out indefinitely with an injured knee, and against Green Bay backup Daunte Cullpepper injured his hamstring in the third quarter and was replaced by the Lions' third string quarterback Drew Stanton. Cullpepper is now listed as 'questionable' on the official NFL injury report. After the game, he talked about Detroit's lack of offense:

"It's very disappointing, very frustrating. It's embarrassing to me not to be able to move it on the field and get points on the board. We've got to figure out a way to do that, simple as that."

The Packers will play on the road this Sunday, heading to Cleveland to face the Browns. The game is currently off the board as linemakers try to get a handle on the personnel impact of the Browns' struggle with a flu bug making its way through the locker room. Green Bay will host the Minnesota Vikings the following Sunday followed by a trip to Tampa Bay on November 8. Detroit has a bye this weekend and will return to action as they host the St. Louis Rams on November 1.

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Boxing Great Alexis Arguello Remembered

By Ross Everett

Nicaraguan boxing legend Alexis Arguello was found dead of an apparent suicide in his home in early July. At the time of his death, he served as mayor of Nicaragua's capital city.

Arguello is best known to fight fans for his epic battle in 1982 with Aaron The Hawk Pryor when he moved up in weight after dominating at lighter weight classes. Though Arguello would lose via 14th round knockout (amid some controversy due to an apparent mystery drink offered to Pryor by his trainer Panama Lewis) it was a thrilling toe to toe battle that even the most knowledgeable boxing experts remember fondly to this day. Promoter Bob Arum offered these thoughts on Pryor/Arguello:

"It was a brutal, brutal fight. That was something I will never, ever forget as long as I live. That was one of the most memorable fights I ever did."

While the first Pryor fight may have brought him the most mainstream notoriety, boxing cognoscenti are aware that Arguello is arguably the best lightweight and junior lightweight in the history of the sport. Arguello never lost a fight at 130 pounds and would end his career with an astounding 82-8 record with 65 knockouts and championships in three different weight classes. At the time, he was only the sixth man in boxing history to hold title belts at three different weights.

Ironically, Arguellos career didnt get off to a good start and he lost his debut in 1968 via first round TKO. He won his next three fights, before losing again via unanimous decision to another lower tier foe in his native country. After that, he seldom lost again and would go on to be respected as one of the best pound for pound fighters of his day. He was at his best against his toughest adversaries including Ray Mancini, Bobby Chacon and Ruben Olivares. Bob Arum remembered him not only as a great fighter, but as a great man:

"Not only was he one of the greatest fighters I've ever seen, he was the most intelligent fighter. He was a ring tactician. Every move was thought out. And he was a wonderful, wonderful person."

Arguello was also very quick to remind younger fighters on their responsibility to the sport and how champions should conduct themselves. Here's he speaks of his attitude toward his opponets:

Of course after the fight you want to make sure that youre okay and so is the other guy, its a brotherhood in there, so you want to make sure everyone is okay after the war is over.

Arguello didnt fight for his first title until hed had 58 fights, and would frequently admonish boxers who didnt show the same respect for the sport or their status as champion:

When you won that title you should know now that you are representing a whole country or nation with your actions and you are now in a glass house or under a microscope and you better be ready to make your people proud.

Arguello loved boxing and fought to protect it from those who would undermine its greatness:

I respect boxing because it has given me so much and thats why I will never allow anyone to mistreat the sport of boxing if I can help it.

While the modest, dignified Arguello would never say it himself, that was for from a one sided debt"he also gave immeasurably to the sport of boxing with his grace, intelligence, talent and toughness.

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Small Diesel Generators Shop

By James Morley

Generators can sound complicated but really their concept is quite easy . A generator can also be used as a backup for your solar power system. And if you go anywhere that you need power but just can't plug in, like a campground or a new construction site, a small generator will fill your needs.

If you are planning to use your generator for a single purpose, check all the equipment that is used. If you are using a generator as a backup for your home, you should not only take into account all the equipment that you expect to keep running, but also add in other items that you most likely forgot you will need. Once you have these calculations, you can determine if a small diesel generator will fit your needs.

It's important to shop around for your generator , How much generator power do you need? Generators are usually indicated by watts. Find out how much wattage you need and buy your power source accordingly. Do not be too stingy. The last thing you want is to suffer a brownout. You should overcompensate and make sure you have at least twenty percent more than any calculation.

A generator can also be used as a backup for your solar power system. And if you go anywhere that you need power but just can't plug in, like a campground or a new construction site, a small generator will fill your needs. In all of these cases, diesel is a perfect choice because it will work hard when you need it, but at the same time can be stored away for long periods of time.

Do your homework before buying. Make sure that you have the right small diesel generator for your situation. If it is being used near a home, campground, or concert, you need to think about noise reduction. You should also consider size and weight. If at all possible, get a generator with a set of wheels so that you don't have to lug it around.

A generator can also be used as a backup for your solar power system. And if you go anywhere that you need power but just can't plug in, like a campground or a new construction site, a small generator will fill your needs. In all of these cases, diesel is a perfect choice because it will work hard when you need it, but at the same time can be stored away for long periods of time. Diesel fuels will not evaporate like gasoline, which is another reason that it will be there when you need it. When you do actually need it, the generator will be available in good working order.

How much generator power do you need? Generators are usually indicated by watts. Find out how much wattage you need and buy your power source accordingly. Do not be too stingy. The last thing you want is to suffer a brownout. You should overcompensate and make sure you have at least twenty percent more than any calculation.

If you are planning to use your generator for a single purpose, check all the equipment that is used. If you are using a generator as a backup for your home, you should not only take into account all the equipment that you expect to keep running, but also add in other items that you most likely forgot you will need.
Once you have these calculations, you can determine if a small diesel generator will fit your needs.

When does a small diesel generator fit your needs? If you live somewhere where blackouts can become an issue at times and getting the power turned back on may be a problem.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Highly Enjoyable TV Productions

By Laura Snow

I'm a big lover of some good television shows and I'm always on the lookout for new ones. Whether it's a long running show on a mainstream channel or something new on a cable channel, I'm always enjoying some of the many great original productions in existence.

The two TV shows that I'm going to tell you about are both some of the funniest on television. Surprisingly, many people still haven't seen the first one despite its popularity. As far as the second one goes, it's a new production that I believe will gain a following as people discover it.

The first show is an HBO comedy that airs every Sunday night. Curb Your Enthusiasm is written by Larry David, and it's now one of the most loved comedies on television.

David, the writer of the Seinfeld TV series, is brilliant in this show and his acting is surprisingly very good.

The situations are very Seinfeld-like, and if you liked Seinfeld, you'll definitely like Curb. The show is in the midst of what must be its 6th or 7th season in 2009, and you're in for a treat if you haven't seen the seasons before this one. I wish I could go back and watch so many original episodes for the first time.

While you may already be familiar with Curb Your Enthusiasm, there's a better chance that you've never seen Party Down. This is nearly as funny, as there's some great acting and brilliant writing about a crew of caterers in California.

There's never a dull moment, as the crew arrives at a different, unique party situation each week and the plots are hilarious. It seems like every week, someone in the group is getting into some kind of trouble.

Watch and episode and there's a good chance you'll see some familiar faces, as the cast is a very experienced one.

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What Is The Advantage Of A Live Covers Band?

By Madeleine Cole

Live cover bands are those bands that choose to perform songs that are already famous by different artists. If you are planning to throw a party and you want to host a winning one, this might be a great idea. It is because people listening already know the songs which makes it so enjoyable for them. What Is more, you have to ask for a band that can play and perform that mixes with the theme of your very special night.

You may even notice that the range of their knowledge in music is much larger, you may see and hear a live covers band that plays certain music that comes from a particular period of time or from a specific band only; they are very much better in performing and playing music that is particularly in that artists style. This will certainly be a great kind of band to have play at your event.

If you wanted to make it much easier for your search on which live covers band would you like to hire, the internet is the best place that you can go to. Who knows, the covers band that you choose to play in your anticipated event is just an hour drive away?

Directories over the worldwide web are also available for you to use. Live covers band usually have their own traveling expenses, and yet the only thing that you ought to know is where to find them!

Isnt technology very amazing? The internet really made our lives much easier. Before considering inviting and asking a particular live covers band, you may even get the chance to visit and listen to the very songs that they cover through Myspace or other social networking sites. For sure, upon your directory search, it would also be indicated their website or, something like 'follow us in myspace and twitter!' In some cases, there are bands where the quality of the sound that has been uploaded is way better than others, but aside from that you may want to take some time to think about and analyze their real potential.

Take enough time to reflect and think about choosing the right band for your party. If they do not have enough music and you still wanted to hear some more pieces of their band, you might wish to create and send them an email requesting for a demo cd or even a DVD, which I am sure they will provide.

Aside from that, it is important that before these covers band would play at your party, to explain the rules, and dress expectations of your event, if any, or is there any dress code that they need to follow, and any other important details that come to mind.

Yet, the most important part here is, how much are you going to spend on hiring a live covers band? Moreover, are they acceptable? Sometimes, finding out first how much some of the bands of your choice charge may help, and try to compare it with others as well.

You will most likely not regret hiring a covers band, as it will pump up your party or event and make it even livelier. However, make sure that you have thought about it carefully. There are no second chances for choosing a perfect band since your event is unique from the others that you are still planning to have.

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The Many Qualities Of Leather

By Ethan O. Tanner

There are many characteristics that make leather an good-looking type of material for hundreds of different products. There are many diverse types of leather products that a person can purchase. The following list outlines some of the most fashionable leather products that a person can purchase. 1) Leather Shoes 2) Leather Boots 3) Leather Gloves 4) Leather Hats 5) Leather coats 6) Leather handbags 7) Leather halters 8) Leather Vests 9) Leather Pants 10) Leather Wallets

As you can see, this is just a short list of the many products that can be purchased that are created by leather. For ever item that you see on this particular list of leather products, there are many more products that can be purchased. Leather is a only one of its kind product that normally always has a lofty standard when it comes to material that it is created out of. Many people seek out leather for a range of reasons. Many of those reasons have to do with the overall uniqueness of leather.

One of the many traits of leather is its toughness. Leather is known to last for a very long time. This is why so many people pay the price that they do for leather products. The fact that the product will last an extremely long time makes the price that is paid for the product worth every dollar in the end.

Health is a major stimulus for People who are highly sensitive to allergies and have breathing difficulties often obtain leather products. Leather is a material that can be cleaned rather easily and does not collect and hold dust and other harmful allergens. This makes it a perfect material for people who are susceptible to these types of things.

Leather offers a variety of styles that can be appropriate for any personality. This is one particular type of material that never loses its appeal. In addition to this, leather can be purchased in order to suit the distinctive style and personality of any individual. This is one of the characteristics of leather that make its appeal so unique and popular. Many people do not mind paying the price for unique leather products. These types of products allow them to convey who they are, and what they like.

When a person buys leather goods, they often find that the characteristic of leather of being easily maintained is extremely attractive. Leather can be conditioned, softened, cleaned, and so on. This makes leather a very good-looking material. In addition to being easily maintained, if you get bored with the look of your leather, you can also dye it and paint it. Leather is a remarkably easy product to use to change with your personality and unique style.

As you can see, leather is pleasing to many people because of the fact that it has unique characteristics that make it a very useful type of material. Buy your leather products in confidence that they will provide you with value, comfort, durability, and fashion.

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Positive Focus Vs Negative Focus

By Jason Kendall

Look at any Best Seller list in bookshops today, and it'll be populated with autobiographies of the rich and famous. From glamour models to footballers to empire builders, they all have a different story to tell, but each has a common thread - they overcame adversity by focusing on the positives.

That's the way of the world; life's achievers allow positive reasons why 'they can' to flood their consciousness, and drown out negative reasons why they can't.

For the student, this attitude to studying is paramount. To successfully complete a training program, the biggest tool in a trainee's workbox is a positive mindset. An optimistic approach brings about all sorts of possibilities, circumstances, answers and opportunities to achieve. By contrast, a negative outlook thwarts creativity and blocks our learning receptors.

This is down to our Reticular Activation System - an automatic mechanism in our brain that tells us what to focus on. Throughout our lives, we've experienced many things that no longer stay in the forefront of our minds - the bulk of what we've learned moves from our conscious mind to our sub-conscious mind, a kind of store cupboard stocked up with all our past knowledge and beliefs.

When we consciously attempt to do something, our Reticular Activation System (RAS) will search the sub-conscious mind for any relevant information it holds, and bring it to our attention. If we're walking down a street, we're only made aware of things that have meaning to us - the rest is just background noise.

So if our conscious mind has regularly been transferring upbeat, positive messages to our sub-conscious mind, then that's what will come back. But if our sub-conscious has been fed a bunch of downbeat, defeatist messages, then that's equally what will come back.

It appears that achievers can manipulate the messages going through to their sub-conscious minds by deliberately programming their RAS, and selecting the exact messages the conscious mind transfers. For achieving goals this makes it an essential tool, because the sub-conscious mind can't distinguish between real or imaginary events.

So, as it believes what it's told, we must create a really specific picture of our goal in our conscious mind. This will then pass on to our subconscious via the RAS - which will then help us to achieve our goal. This is done by bringing to our attention all the meaningful information which might otherwise have remained as 'background noise'.

Napoleon Hill once wrote that we can attain any realistic goal if we keep that goal clearly in our mind, and stop allowing any negative thoughts about it. If we keep thinking that we can't achieve a goal, of course, our subconscious will help us not to achieve it.

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Deep Sea Fishing

By Owen Jones

Although the terminology "deep sea fishing" seems to refer to marine fishing trips, the term actually applies to any type of fishing in waters wider than a lake. Rivers and ponds can not mean "deep sea fishing" as the water is too shallow in most cases. Open sea fishing is carried out outside coastal waters that is the habitat of lots of the larger fish.

Deep sea game fishing does require a larger boat in order to achieve open sea manoeuvres and store the catch conveniently. Such a boat should have enough room for the crew meant to actually do the fishing and also for the equipment needed in order to catch and store these larger scale fish. It should be the type of boat intended to withstand sea storms and bad weather and to gain easy access to the fishing areas in a fast and safe manner.

There is a wide range of fish to be caught in deep sea game fishing includes marlins, swordfish, sailfish, large tunas and various types of sharks. There are also smaller species of fish caught at the same time as these larger ones. However, the small ones are not caught on purpose: they are called by-catch or, if caught intentionally, they are meant to be used as bait for the larger fishes.

Deep sea game fishing has been carried out in practically the same seas since the time that this occupation became established and later it developed into a business. It is performed in California, Florida, north of New Zealand, in Nova Scotia, Hawaii and so on. In those areas, the advantage the fishermen have is that large fish live close to the coasts and it does not take a long time to get to these places.

Open sea fishing can be done using several techniques of which the first we should mention is trolling. That is a form of angling achieved by dragging a baited line on the bottom of the ocean. The bait is usually squid or some other smaller fish commonly used for bait and it is thrown behind the boat. The stabilizers behind the boat also called outriggers work great at enlarging the area that can be used for catching fish. Another technique is chumming or chunking which requires that large pieces of dead bait fish are thrown overboard so as to attract large predatory fish.

All in all, the scale of deep sea fishing has developed proportionally with the greater consumption of the market. Presently, various diets using fish dishes have actually become an epitome of healthy living and many people give up red meat for this lighter white variety.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Importance Of Corporate Photography For A Company

By Celine Smith

Corporate photography plays a crucial role during the important events of an organization, and can have several other functions as well. From publicity by way of ads in the newspapers and magazines to product brochures, an organization always needs a good photographer to project the right image.

One of the most significant tasks of a corporate photographer's job profile is to provide pictures presenting the company's growth, for its annual report for customers and shareholders. Such reports work as testimonials for the firm and bring to notice its previous years' good performance. A report that is peppered with nice looking and vibrant photos helps immensely in enhancing the image of the firm before both existing and potential customers and its own employees.

The attractiveness of company brochures meant for distribution in job fairs and college campuses can be greatly enhanced by adding colourful photographs presenting the company's work culture. Fresh talent is not easy to attract, and one of the ways to present your firm as an excellent place to be is through brochures that focus on its positive aspects. An able corporate photographer can convert potential job candidates out in the market into job applicants with the firm.

Likewise, product brochures for potential customers can also be made much more attractive if the corporate photographer is skilled. This can generate positive enquiries from willing customers about the company's offerings, and can enhance prospects of a sale.

A corporate photographer also keeps track of the milestones of a company like a historian. He takes photographs of all the major events of the company so that they can be utilized when required. These pictures make a remarkable collection for any company. The collection records the history of the company in images for the succeeding generation and doesn't let its proud legacy fade away with the passage of time.

Many organizations now also have an internal periodical, where pictures and reports of latest events are printed for the employees. These pictures help to reinforce ties of staff with their organization and make them more dedicated towards its welfare; thus, they also help in staff retention.

These are a few of the several benefits of appointing corporate photographers. They operate behind the scenes but their great work never goes unnoticed. The company stands to benefit from a photographer's service in more ways than one, and so it is essential that the choice of the photographer is cautiously made.

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The Story Of 1977 Triple Crown Winner Seattle Slew

By Ross Everett

Seattle Slew, horse racing's lone remaining living Triple Crown winner, passed away on May 7, 2002 at the age of 28. Already ranked among the all time greats by virtue of this accomplishment alone, Slew is even more notable as the only Triple Crown winner to go undefeated as a three year hold. He came from humble beginnings, bought at public auction--the only Triple Crown winner to be acquired in this manner. After retiring to stud in 1978 he remained a very profitable horse based on a stud fee of $300,000. His offspring earned over $76 million dollars at the race track and include over 100 stakes race winners including 1984 Kentucky Derby champion Swale.

The Seattle Slew story started at a public auction in Kentucky--not exactly a venue expected to produce a future champion. Slew, in particular, was an unlikely heir to greatness. He was somewhat clumsy looking due to a front right forefoot splay and had a shuffling gait at trot. Slew wasn't a beautifully majestic creature like his Triple Crown winning predecessor, Secretariat. In fact, he could have been considered borderline ugly--to the extent that he was nicknamed 'Baby Huey' by the Keeneland staff. What wasn't apparent at the time was Slew's mixture of championship intangibles--competitive desire, toughness, heart and enthusiasm. His owners had unwittingly stumbled onto an equine Muhammad Ali, and his competitive fire quickly became apparent to his trainers and jockeys. His first race came at Belmont Park in 1976, and he entered--and won--three races as a two year old giving a glimpse as to what like ahead.

Slew quickly became a horse to watch as a three year old as he won three Derby prep races including the Wood Memorial. In the Derby, Slew got off to a terrible start as he stumbled out of the gate. He recovered from the miscue and essentially bulled his way through a pack of horses to lead at the 1/4 mile pole. Slew would win the Derby by a length and 3 quarters. He took another tough victory at the Preakness before clinching the Triple Crown with a 4 length victory in the Belmont Stakes.

Slew continued to campaign as a four year old, but in the days before the Breeder's Cup there weren't many opportunities for an older horse. He retired to stud in 1978, where he sired champions such as the aforementioned Swale and 1992 Belmont Champ AP Indy. Slew stood at Three Chimneys Farm in Midway, Kentucky from 1985 until early 2002 when he was moved to Hill 'n' Dale Farm in Lexington, KY following a spinal operation.

In some ways, Slew had much in common with the heavyweight championship reign of Larry Holmes. He came so quickly on the heels of such incredible excellence--Slew was forever in the shadow of 1973 Triple Crown winner Secretariat, Holmes on the heels of Muhammad Ali--that he never gained the appreciation he deserved during his prime. In hindsight, however, it has finally been noted what an exceptional horse he really was. Jockey Angel Cordero, who rode Slew during the twilight of his career noted "If I had a chance to take any horse in the world, if someone said your life is depending on riding one horse to win, I would take (Slew). I rode 44,000 horses, but he was special, he was different. He was muscled, like a wrestler. He ran different than any other horse. It was like he came from another planet."

Following his death in 2002, Slew was laid to rest at Hill 'n' Dale Farm in Kentucky under a statue memorializing his legacy.

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Nick Diaz: MMA's Most Frustrating Fighter

By Ross Everett

Had things happened differently, Nick Diaz would forever be part of MMA history. Regardless of how his career transpired after February, 2007 he should have been remembered as part of one of the greatest fights ever. His PRIDE 33 matchup against Takanori Gomi should have created an indelible legacy. It was a mixed martial arts version of Gatti/Ward or Castillo/Corrales 1. It should have been the biggest victory of Diazs career and the centerpiece of his highlight reel.

Unfortunately, Diazs moment of glory lasted only about six weeks. Diaz had tested positive for marijuana, and his THC level was off the charts. Nick Diazs THC level was an astounding 175 and that led NSAC Chairman Dr. Tony Alamo to speculate that in this situation marijuana was a performance enhancing drug. Diaz was fined, suspended and the result of his almost certain fight of the year winner with Gomi changed to a no decision.

Diaz had singlehandedly removed the luster from a classic bout. Looking at the fight now, the action is the same but theres something absent from it on a spiritual level. Had Diaz not tested positive and the result stood it would have become a classic fight. As it turned out, it became more of a case study demonstrating just how much pain a stoned mixed martial artist can withstand.

While Diaz might not be a bad person, hes definitely someone who attracts trouble. Instead of learning a lesson from the experience of his positive drug test, he became a more outspoken advocate of marijuana use. While the relative risk pot smoking is debatable and beyond the purview of this article one thing is certain"fighters are prohibited from its use. Sadly, it appears that Diaz places a greater value on his recreational drug use than his legacy as a professional prizefighter. Hes gone so far as to obtain a prescription for medical marijuana in California, purportedly to treat Attention Deficit Disorder.

Ironically, Japans notoriously lax oversight of mixed martial arts makes it a perfect fit for Diaz. He doesnt have to worry about drug tests or athletic commissions who arent sympathetic to his claiming a need for medical marijuana. His workrate, conditioning and versatility as a fighter will be appreciated by the Japanese fans, and offers countless matchup opportunities for the Japanese promotions. Most significantly, perhaps, his participation with Japanese promotions DREAM or Sengoku provides Diaz the opportunity to put his missteps behind him and reassert himself as one of the sports most exciting fighters and not one of its biggest troublemakers.

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The Early Years Of MMA: Ali Vs. Inoki

By Ross Everett

Decades before mixed martial arts became popular in the United States, events matching fighters of different fighting disciplines were very common in Japan. They weren't called "mixed martial arts" at the time, but that's essentially what they were.There's an entire history of pro wrestlers fighting specialists from other martial arts (particularly judo) that were leaving out, but during the 1970's Antonio Inoki began to put the concept of "mixed martial arts" on the map with his matches against fighters from other disciplines.

Before and after his matchup against Muhammad Ali, Inoki would frequently compete against other martial artists in what are widely accepted to be "worked" (ie: having a predetermined outcome) matches. Inoki fought boxer Chuck Wepner, judo Gold Medalist Wilhelm Ruska and world karate champion Willie Williams among others. His most famous match internationally, however, was against Ali.

There's a great deal of uncertainty about many of the stories surrounding how the event came together and transpired, but a few facts are now known. Ali took the fight as it was a large and presumptively easy paycheck. The big money he was earning is what kept him from walking out when his camp started to disagree with Inoki's handlers over the rules and 'finish' fo the fight. Some suggest that it was supposed to be a fair fight going in, but Ali at the last minute insisted on rules more favorable to him. The more likely version of events is that Ali's handlers agreed to a predetermined finish, only to have Ali balk at the last moment.

Many conspiracy theorists have noted that these rules were never announced to the crowd on fight night, leaving many with the impression that they were being made up as they went along. Action in the fight would further validate this view, but there actually were rules that both camps agreed to heading into the fight. Not surprisingly, most of these were designed to protect Ali. In fact, they were so one-sided that if Inoki hadn't been so concerned about preserving his big payday he would have been justified in not fighting. Inoki was prohibited from punching with a closed fist or striking Ali in the head (ostensibly since he wasn't wearing gloves). Inoki was prohibited from using any sort of submission maneuver. The most absurd limitation was that Inoki was prohibited from "grappling or trying to take Ali to the ground". A few observers noted that this was like not letting Ali throw a jab.

The result was an absolutely horrible fight. Neither man showed much interest in engaging the other, with Inoki spending most of the time on the ground doing what he could under the one sided rules. Inoki threw kicks at Ali's legs, Ali threw an occasional jab and tried to protect himself from his opponent's leg strikes. The fight ended a 74-74 draw, with the real losers being the fans.

An interesting postscript to the fight is that the referee was former pro wrestler "Judo" Gene Labell, a legit tough guy whom some have suggested could have beaten up both Ali and Inoki at the same time despite his advanced age. Had he chosen to do so, it would certainly have been welcomed by those watching the fight live and on closed circuit.

After the fight, Inoki's popularity in Japan was greater than ever. He became something of a hero for trying to fight despite having the rules so decidedly in his opponent's favor. He'd continue his fights against other martial artists and remain one of the country's most popular sports figures for years to come. His 'worked' martial arts matches can be credited with sparking later hybrid promotions showcasing pro wrestling and martial arts that evolved into PRIDE, RINGS and the major Japanese fight promotions of today.

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Get Trampolines on Sale

By Wayne Cornbauer

Can you remember when you used to be a kid and you dreamed that you might fly? Do you then remember flying-or, at least temporarily flying-while you bounced up and down on your trampoline? If you have children at home, there will come a point when each child asks for his or her very own trampoline. One of the gigantic questions, though, is just where are you able to find a trampoline to buy?

There are many trampolines on the market, agree with it or not, and you can easily find them either brand spanking new or previously used. Trampolines are a welcome boost to any family back yard and are fantastic for keeping your kids busy for hours and hours on end ( which I' m sure many of us folks can really appreciate ).

One recommendation i personally have when purchasing a trampoline is to get one new rather than an older model. Used trampolines not only may not last all too long after you bring it home, but they may not be safe. The good news is that you're going to be able to find a trampoline for your kid that fits your financial position.

So where are you able to find a trampoline? Just about all major shops across the land either sell trampolines, or definitely know someone who does. Try some toy stores, especially large chain toy stores like Toys R Us in the united states and Canada, or Wal-Mart and Costco. To find the most reasonable price on the best trampoline, start hoping to purchase around the end of summer to early fall ; this is when you should be capable of finding most out of doors equipment on sale. You may even be capable of finding a trampoline in winter, granted that they were not all sold by the end of fall.

Checking out your local paper should also yield good results when on your trampoline hunt. Do be warned, however : this is considered a'large item' and also a fascinating item, so if you see a trampoline in the newspaper be sure to call as soon as you can. If you do not, you definitely risk it no longer being available, even if you put off calling for just a couple of hours.

Ask any pals and neighbors if they know of someone that is selling their trampoline, or maybe visit some local gym centers and play groups-they often have the'inside scoop' on such things.

Maybe the number one place of all to find as many places that sell trampolines that you can is the good ol' Internet. You may also purchase it online and quite probably for a lower price than your nearby retailer. One word of caution, though : be certain to focus on any shipping costs. Ask if they offer shipping free, or if not, if they've a'ship to store' option. Consider just how huge and heavy a trampoline is ( even in a box ). The shipping fees for a trampoline can easily surpass $100, which can cause you to lose out on any kind of savings you might otherwise have had.

The average trampoline will cost about $200 greenbacks. This relies on the quality and the size, however ; you can find trampolines both costing less than and more than that price . Some trampolines also have'side protectors' included ( if they don't, strongly consider making a separate purchase to keep your children safe ).

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Animalistic Ringtones For Your iPhone

By Thom Yarborough

For those fond of quirky stuff, there's a good chance of you enjoying surprising people with cool and interesting ringtones. In fact, it can be guaranteed that these ringtones will make people's heads turn or make them sit up and take notice even. Rigntones may have that gimmicky feel to them, but how they're carried off depends entirely on the users.

If uniqueness in sound and something different is what you like, then you will love these ringtones with different animal sounds in them. What's even better is that you can keep different ringtones for the different people calling you. So if you have someone's call that you don't want to answer, you know it's that person without even lifting up your phone for a glance. You can set the ringtone of the buzzing of a mosquito for an annoying caller and the next time you get a call from them, you'll know what you can do!

You can set the sweet sound of a bird chirping as your ringtone for someone really special, and smile a genuine smile each time this person calls. Sweet isn't it? And if you're looking for something funny, then you need to try the chicken rap ringtone. This neat mix of chicken sound s combined with an awesome chicken rapping his heart out is a sure laugh starter. And if that's cool, then you need to try the chicken diva ringtone based on the same lines and burst into a series of laughter!

How do you think it would be to annoy someone? Try setting the catfight ringtone and you will see the amazing results yourself. A very realistic reproduction of cats fighting is sure to raise hackles.

If the 1992 hit 'I'm too sexy', was your thing then how about having it on your iPhone as a ringtone? It is going to be with a difference though since it has been sung by chipmunks! Nevertheless, if farm animals are what you like, then enjoy the goat bleating ringtone for your iPhone.

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2009's Top Three ATVs

By John Quarry

Today, ATVs or quad bikes are not only used as a toy for your family, as a handy helper in your household chores, as a lavish way to stroll downtown, or as an alternative for golf cars. They have already become a way of life for some people.

You might be thinking of getting your own quad bike too. Whether you have the cash or still raising some money to get your own ATV, you have to know what is currently the best models in the market today. This list will give you an overview of the three currently best ATVs.

Polaris Ranger RZR 170 - Polaris Motors has always produced high end ATVs since they began in the business. And the Polaris Ranger RZR 170 is clearly no exception to the company's tradition of making top quality quad bikes.

Fashioned from top rate materials and parts, this ATV is capable of providing super performance without sacrificing comfort for its rider. Such fact makes this model a current favorite in many ATV review websites and publications. In fact, 9 out of 10 consumers rate this ATV highly in terms of quality performance. For $4,000, this model offers a great buy.

Arctic Cat 90 SE -Ranked among the elite makers of ATVs, the Arctic Motor Company has produced a long line of top class ATVs for years. Their recent model, the Arctic Cat 90 SE is not just a mere addition to the list. Designed for comfortable ride yet unparalleled performance, the Arctic Cat 90 SE is also a hot ATV due to its fairly low price.

Carrying a price tag of $2,600, this model is clearly cheaper than the other low-priced models such as the Polaris Ranger RZR 170. No doubt people on a budget are bent on getting this model.

Honda TRX 450R - Last item on the top three hottest ATV list is the Honda TRX 450R. manufactured by Honda Motors, one can be sure that this model is as tough as nails. Built for ATV racing, the durability and overall structure is frankly above the ATV standards.

Unlike most other quad bike models, this ATV features an electric star mechanism. As for the joints and parts, they are pretty much made of high quality materials. If you sense this is the model for you, then prepare to cash out $7,500. It might be little expensive but from what this model can offer, the price is just right.

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Stylish Low-Cost Shoes Thanks to Online Shopping Websites

By Javier V. Kingston

Cool shoes and cheap shoes do not necessarily need to fall into two different categories. Fortunately, you are just as able to find awesome shoes that you love as cheap shoes you can afford. Going straight to some of the best online sites can give you access to the best shoes without being randomly overpriced. You just find the lowest price on the pairs that look the best for you.

Your choice of website can be the gold mine that you have been looking for. There are great deals to be had all over the internet, but finding the right deal for the right shoes takes more than just random luck. If you are looking for the really deep discounts that save you a fortune you need a very special online shoe store.

Trends are cool because they are the current hot ticket item at the time. Very few of us don't want to join in the trends that appeal to us. Cool cheap shoes help us as well as our kids stay within the hot trends without going broke. The shoes that offer the absolute best savings are the slightly irregular shoes collection.

Most people think of irregulars as cheap shoes with holes in them or with some sort of serious defect that glares across the room. This is not the sort of cheap shoes that we're looking for. Minor details that are really too slight to make a real difference can drop the price of a brand name shoe by as much as 50% in some cases. That's a lot of savings for a thread that was sown a bit askew. The simplest of defects can knock off more than most consumers expect. It's fun to find these great little finds that will keep money in your pockets and awesome kicks on the family's feet.

Most kids can't even tell when their parents buy them the cool cheap shoes. They put them on when they are delivered and with a big smile on their face for getting the hottest shoes and run off to do their own thing. The irregularities are so minor that they aren't anywhere close to unwearable.

Buying irregular isn't hard as long as you are looking for cheap shoes that are still in good condition. Online shoe stores that sell the irregular shoes will generally give a full description of the shoe, including why it ended up in the irregular section.

It's not really a good idea to go with the size irregularities. When a shoe is mislabeled, it's generally not a big deal. But when the size is "right" but just won't fit you can end up with hassles you don't need. Your cheap shoes don't need to be any kind of hassle.

Getting the coolest cheap shoes online by buying irregularities gives you or your kids to keep up with the latest styles and trends. Small defects make the cheapest shoes easy to wear with pride. Check the website's terms of service before you order to make sure that they do not have an "as is" clause. If the irregularity on the website doesn't match the one you purchased, you want ensure that you'll be able to return it for a fair exchange. An "as is" clause can prevent this.

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Water Paper Lanterns

By Cody Scholberg

The Japanese are 'responsible' for the making of ground pool paper lanterns, representing a symbolic gesture for those who have left our world and deserve to be remembered. Maintaining their meaning in Japan, floating ground pool paper lanterns have become popular in other countries and are commonly found on far-away lands. In America, these lanterns are widely encountered, especially used as wedding decorations. People have grown accustomed to seeing ground pool paper lanterns floating on the water whenever they attend a wedding party.

If there is one thing you cannot complain about, it would be the diversity of choices offered for ground pool paper lanterns. Whether the main event is a wedding or anything else for that matter, we should not be surprised to discover that the lotus flower is one of the most popular choices. Made from waterproof materials, ground pool paper lanterns are more interesting when they represent certain symbols or have unique colors and patterns. If the paper lantern has a LED light that switches from one color to the other, this decoration becomes a must-have without any doubt. Imagine how beautiful your ground pool paper lanterns will look floating on the water!

What is the best decoration for a wedding taking place out in the open air if not ground pool paper lanterns? They have the unique ability to drift on water, moving from one shade of color to a subtler shade, demonstrating how elegant they truly are. Prospective customers are given a number of choices where ground pool paper lanterns are concerned, with both candles and LED lights offered as sources of light.

You can choose any color you like but it is guaranteed that the paper lanterns will look absolutely splendid.

You have to add ground pool paper lanterns to the list of decorations for your wedding. You can also think about using them at numerous other occasions, such as celebrations or festivities that are held out in the open. Ground pool paper lanterns would be exquisite for such occasions. Imagine enjoying yourself at the wedding, watching the paper lanterns slowly drifting by on the water from time to time.

The answer is quite obvious and definitely affirmative. Check out the latest ground pool paper lanterns for your own wedding!

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