Monday, April 18, 2016

With Early SAT Prep Palm Beach Students Can Expect Better Results

By Anna Gibson

Schools and parents start to prepare learners from an early age for the day they will have to sit for college admission tests. Everyone hopes for high scores in these tests because they are so important in securing a place at a reputable college. There can be no doubt that the very thought of these tests causes a fair amount of stress for many learners, but with early SAT prep Palm Beach learners have nothing to fear.

Strictly speaking there is no rule or law that requires learners to sit for these tests. However, all the top colleges demand that students submit their test results and these results are often a very important consideration during placement evaluations. A place at a top college can be a very important boost towards future success and learners vie for these places and do their best to score well during the tests.

Students should be careful not to depend upon there tests scores alone when they make their college applications. Several other factors are also taken into consideration. The curriculum vitae of the student should show that he was actively involved in his community, that he participated in sport and that he is well rounded, responsible and serious about succeeding in college. Colleges want to be sure that their students have the will and ability to do well.

It is a common misconception that only students with superior intelligence score well in the admission tests. This is not true. These tests do not aim to test general knowledge or to ascertain aptitude. There main aim is to test the proficiency of students to cope with those areas that are deemed critical for success in a higher educational institution. These areas are writing, mathematics and critical reading.

The test system is owned by the College Board, which is a not for profit organization based in the United States. The tests are not exclusive to American students either. Any foreign country or organization can sit for the tests. Apart from the admission tests the board also offer a variety of other tests that are designed to measure proficiency in very specific subjects. Sitting for these tests has become popular too.

Ordinarily, learners will sit for the test during their senior year. Increasingly, however, students in their junior year also sit for the test. In many cases this is seen as a dry run because they can sit for the test again in their senior year if they are not satisfied with the results. Many students that sit for the test twice score significantly better after their second go at it.

The importance of these tests has seen to it that an entire industry aiming to support students have developed. There are numerous books, courses, videos and websites that offer tutoring, tips, practice material and dry runs. Students and their parents should be careful and buy material only from vendors that are officially endorsed by reputable institutions.

Students that desire a place at a top college will be well advised to start preparing for the admission tests as early as they can. High scores do not guarantee admission, but they can be a deciding factor. Top colleges want their students to be an asset to them and they want them to succeed.

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