Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Best Pc Game Reviews

By Matthew Kennedy

Who wants to waste time on a game that does not offer the desired satisfaction? PC game reviews help you to make a choice that will meet your expectations. The review is genuine and done by people who have played these games. With many reviewers, you are guaranteed to make the right choice and therefore enjoy your gaming experience.

Dirty Rally is the ultimate choice for rallying enthusiasts. It is built by Codemasters and will engage every aspect of your gaming instincts including your emotions. It takes you through undulating and dangerous roads at breath taking speeds. The environment interferes with timing as you race through different types of roads. Each race is an opportunity to test your skills and concentration. It comes with the option of a single player or high intensity multiplayer option.

The addition of The Old Republic, Knight of the Fallen Empire into the Star Wars collection has been among the most exciting moments in the gaming world. This is a series of cinematic episodes coming to you in the form of chapters. At each level, you have the challenge of making the right decision which will either preserve you or cause you to perish. Your fate and that of the empire are tied.

StarCraft II, Legacy of the Void is part of a trilogy with this being the third release. This is one game that rewards a strategy loving gamer. There are specific functions on each StarCraft that are enhanced by customizable 3D graphics engine. You will also be working with armies in heavily detailed units. These units and the crafts are easy to render. Blizzard Entertainment has done an excellent job as developers.

Game of Thrones, The Ice Dragon is based on the famed television drama by the same name. Episode 6 is christened The Ice Dragon. Your task is to ensure that the throne does not meet its doom by protecting the king. There are both familiar and unfamiliar locations to be visited at the home of House Forrester. There are five points of view, each with unique strengths and weaknesses that will determine your level of success.

Guild War II comes with a great deal of adrenaline as you advance your skills and thus acquire better weapons. It has a progression from one level to the other. You will be required to work with a team in order to claim your hall at Maguuna.

Fallout 4 is developed by Bethesda Game and begins at a point where you are the only survivor in a world that is destroyed by nuclear power. Every second that passes is a frantic fight for survival. Every choice you make determines whether you survive or perish. The fate of Wasteland is in your hands.

There are more games released in 2015 while others are slated for release in 2016. They include Sword Coast Legends, Kingdom and Tales of Borderland, among others. They come in varieties that will satisfy the gaming needs of different persons. They will squeeze all the adrenaline from your system as they take you through a roller coaster of gaming experiences.

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