Monday, April 18, 2016

If You Are Wondering About Disney World Autism Friendly

By Margaret Anderson

Vacationing with family is a wonderful thing to do. Many attractions are there to enjoy and you can make some unforgettable memories that will last forever.Enjoying time together is really nice as you may be so busy other times of the year that it is hard to spend quality time with people you love. If you are considering seeing Disney World autism friendly venues await you.

You could look on their website or call them to see what may be of help. Your loved one may need special accommodations with their sleeping arrangements or their meals. Having these arrangements will give everyone in your family peace of mind so the trip is enjoyable for everyone.

Cute characters from Disney movies may be at the gate when you enter this organization. They are cute and fun to associate with. Take pictures if you can bring a camera and take pictures of these characters with your family members. They are very charming and the people underneath these costumes are trained to make people feel special in their visit to the park.

You may need to call the venue and get firsthand information. Sometimes websites are not as clear as just speaking to a human. Get the phone number and make a list of questions to ask them. Tell them your youngster is on the autism spectrum and then explain what they need in the way of accommodations. They are required to accommodate if the issue is diagnosed and a doctor has confirmed that he or she has it.

Bring the paperwork showing the diagnosis in case they need to see it. It should be confidential, but some of these places have liabilities and that needs to be considered. Liability should not be a consideration, but these companies need to cover their backs when it comes to legal reasons. Being understanding of this and not frustrated will make the process go a lot smoother.

The paperwork you have may make them feel more comfortable than just trusting your word. All people should trust each other, but there are people that lie so that is why some of them require proof. It may be hard to see it from such an impersonal viewpoint especially when you have a family member that is in need which is a very personal thing. Bring enough food for your loved one as they may not have restaurants that open late at night.

Enjoy your trip with your family. Bring a camera so you can take some special memories home with you. This is a special time so partake of it and savor each moment of it with your family. Let yourself relax from your usual responsibilities.

Writing down some memorable moments may also be a good idea. You may have some moments that were unusual and worth making a note of. Take a few moments during your busy day on your vacation to write them down so you can look at them later and treasure those special moments together as a family.

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